Thursday, August 30, 2007

Boys and their dolls

I'm wondering at The Kylie Influence in our home during the day. Kylie is Queen Bee with the four oldest out of the house for school. So here she is, um, playing dolls with her brothers. They each have one of her dolls. (Isn't this great blackmail?)

So, I have them pose for a few shots . . .

Kylie with Purple Baby.

Kade, realizing that I'm going to be putting this on the blog has THROWN his doll out of the picture!

Konner has no such compunctions.

Kade exerts his manliness by showing Dolly that he's no sissy.

But, I'm not worried that my boys are playing with dolls. I listened in on some of their play . . .

Konner has his doll holding a small American flag and as he plants it into the foyer floor says, "I declare this MY land!"

Kade has his doll in a doll carrier. "Mom, look! The baby has a wedgie!"


jennifer said...

Boys may play with dolls but they notice things we girls don't!!

Jackie said...

Jennifer, later on that day, Konner was flying his doll around like a paper airplane. "Look at the baby fly!"

Qtpies7 said...

LOL, love the "baby fly" comment!
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