Friday, August 03, 2007

Camp Sonshine Program

Kathleen had one of five parts for the annual Camp Sonshine Play. The fifth graders get a chance to put on a play every year, and Kathleen was more than ready to audition! She's pictured on the far right.

The rest of the Camp Sonshine campers sang songs that they learned throughout the camp week. Kylie and Kade are in this group. Can you see them? : )

Another scene.

After the program. They all wore their camp shirts.

The drama team -- Every last one (including Kathleen) a character.

When we got home, we gave Kylie her birthday present -- a pink leotard, a pink tu-tu, pink tights and pink slippers. Kathleen also contributed by getting her a pink boa from Dollar Tree. Kylie also got to go out with Daddy that afternoon and later (hopefully soon!) we'll give her a birthday party.

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