Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Gregg and Audrey come for a visit

Here's Gregg and Audrey with their three kids, Matthew, Scot and Lenore. They're getting so big! Matthew's voice has already started changing, much to Kristofer's consternation. Kristofer wants so badly for his voice to change!

Gregg and Audrey came Sunday night and stayed through Monday afternoon to meet up with Ginny and her kids. We all attended the same church as young married couples and look what happened . . .

Fourteen kids! Here they are lined up by age: Ginger, Konner, Lenore, Kade, Kylie, Scott, Kathleen, Kurt, Keva, Matthew, Kristofer, Gretchen, Karl and Keri Lynn. I get such a big kick out of the various rates of growth!


Holly said...

What a mob. Paul and I played "Name That Kid."

Paul said...

I lost.