Thursday, August 23, 2007

A surprise package from Aunt Marcia!

All of us Johnson girls got a big surprise in the mail one day! We were so delighted to get a whole bunch of goodies. I got my long-anticipated gorgeous QUILTED table runner made by my aunt who lives in Washington. She has quilted many beautiful things and now I have this lovely piece to put on my table or (as it now resides) on my buffet next to my table. I LOVE it!

Kathleen next to a whole bunch of fun stickers . . .

Our very own copies of the Mark of the Lion trilogy . . . can you tell you pleased Keri Lynn especially is about it?

Both Kylie and Kathleen each got Polly Pocket cases. There were also a bunch of other girl goodies that we divied up amongst our giddy selves including a plush bunny for Keva and a fun movie called Rigoletto that we've watched about 100 times already.

So, thank you, Aunt Marcia for thinking of us. That was so sweet!


jennifer said...

Aunt Marcia is awesome!
The table runner is beautiful! Are apples on the print?

Jackie said...

Cherries -- isn't it beautiful! I actually do plan to have an apple theme throughout the house with lots of fun red accent splashes, so cherries worked just fine for the table runner.