Friday, February 29, 2008

The Abominable Snow-van

I am so pleased to announce that I drove the van home today. The transmission is fixed and the mechanic discovered what all other mechanics have missed before him. He replaced the thermostat so that now, for the first time, the temperature gage reads right in the middle. It has always run cold for the 13 years we've had it. It also needs a good oil change. It sounds rough and heavy. The radio no longer works either. Keith figures that by replacing the radio, the van's value ought to double. : )

I'm also going to try to get the house in order for unexpected company. Keith's dear friend and Bible study leader from California, Chris, is coming through on his way to purchase a camper/trailer in Savannah. Keith will go with him tomorrow morning for the drive to Savannah and get caught up on the happenings of the Cordill family.

The kids are at school and I'm busy typing this little bit before going back to my labors. I loo-oove to clean house. Ahem. So, I gave Keith the usual little reminders when we have company over, "Don't let him go through the garage -- come through the FRONT door! Don't show him our room! I'll try to Febreeze everything to death! Maybe you ought to steer clear of the laundry room, too . . . " and on and one it goes.

I want to spruce up the little van to return to the Shermans, too. I need to give it a good vacuum cleaning and then take it to one of those places to give it a good upholstery cleaning. That little van was sure a wonderful blessing to us while we were without our van. It will always look to me like the most beautiful car in the world, next to The Abominable Snow-van, of course.

Have a wonderful weekend, all.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back from winter break

Last week the kids were off for winter break. Keri Lynn went on a four-day ski trip with her youth group -- she is hooked on skiing now. We all needed a little rest after battling a lot of colds and some flu.

This is a great time of year because we get our tax refund!

This year, we got the biggest tax refund ever. And it couldn't have come at a better year. So, as a result, the van is in the shop and is expected to be ready on FRIDAY! The kids and I went into the van to start cleaning out. It had been sitting in the garage since the beginning of August, so there were cobwebs and unidentified food items in there. Still, we all heaved a big sigh of fond reminiscence for our 1993 Club Wagon. We've missed it! I personally can't wait to get it back! I'm giddy! No air-conditioning, cracked front window and all.

The little boys got a set of bunk beds at last. They've been sleeping on mats on the floor of their room for at least a year now, after they'd wet their beds too many times. (Sorry, gross, I know, but definitely life in our house.) We had bought mattress protectors, but those had bit the dust earlier, too. How, you may ask? I don't know. But you can believe that they are A LOT more careful with their mattresses this time around and overjoyed to have the bunks.

Keith and the girls (Kylie and Kathleen) are out right now looking at a set of bunk beds for their room, too, only neither one wants it set up in a bunk. K-Mart has a set that can be set up singly or on top of each other for a really nice price. Hopefully they'll have a set at the K-Mart closest to us. Keith has been on the prowl for their beds for several weeks lately. Kathleen wants to put polka dots on her walls that, if done right, might look really cute. We'll see.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Monday, everyone

I love the way Mondays feel, especially when I don't have to work! I didn't get a call to sub today, so I'm enjoying a quiet morning all to myself before I get down to the business of actually getting things done.

I got my hair cut last week.

"I'd like it cut to my chin, so it frames my face," I say, sounding all knowledgeable about style.

"How about a bob?"

"A bob?"

She looks at me expectantly, so I nod, always wanting to please my hairdresser, since they do hold the scissors along with the power to make me feel like a million bucks. She nods back pleased with an easy victim and sets to work snipping and cutting until my hair reaches closer to my ears than to my chin.

I wasn't so sure after the deed was done. The only thing I really liked about it was the back of my head where bobs have that kind of messed up layered look. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I liked it -- it looked sassy. It wasn't until I got home to face the music with Keith that I really wasn't so sure about the cut.

His response, "Well, everyone needs a haircut, right?"

Worse, Kathleen, the family stylist, does not like it. Keri Lynn doesn't even notice that it's cut until I turn around to show her that it's not in a pony tail. I don't count the other kids who don't care what my hair looks like as long as I feed them and hug them (in that order).

The true test comes from other women. Now, whenever there's a drastic change of hairstyle, ALL women are trained to say, "Wow! You got a new haircut! Looks nice!" We just HAVE to say it whether the hair looks like The Chainsaw Massacre or Miss USA. But we women all pick up on the nuances of the compliment and can figure out if the cut works or not. In my case, I think it's working! At least that's how I feel after the weekend of various church activities. : )

I'll post pictures eventually. I'm about a month behind on my pictures.

Subbing has continued to be interesting. I've had every variety of student known to mankind. I've had to tell a boy to stop marching back to his seat doing a Nazi goosestep. I've lectured another boy on how he can't depend on having a career as an athlete -- how many athletes did he know that were 40? I've taught the Pythagorean Theorem to kids that can't read. I've lifted a high school kid out of a wheelchair to change his diaper. I've fed a blind kid and a cerebral palsy kid at the same time and been charmed by both. I've been in physics class, American history, economics . . . all with the full realization that I remember VERY LITTLE! And all of this I've done with some success and failure.

We're about ready to have enough funds to get our van fixed . . . And can I say at this point how very very happy I will be to have my van back. I have been so very grateful to be able to borrow the minivan, but I do so love my own transportation. Not only because it's mine, but because it's big! Our Wednesday night endeavors have been so very interesting. Kathleen has been inviting a friend from school and Mac has been coming with us pretty regularly, too. This means that I've had to make two trips to church, one back to return the younger kids, another trip (just me) to pick up the bigger kids after the youth group meeting, and then we're finally back home again at about the time that Keith comes home from work all in time to watch American Idol. Whew!

And politics. I'm very unhappy about our choices, or rather lack thereof, of Republican candidates. After Super Tuesday, I think that Romney did see the writing on the wall, and I think he might be a tiny bit bitter that Huckabee stole most of the votes that would have gone to him. Quite simply, his Mormonism more than likely cost him the Presidency. I don't think McCain has what it takes to beat Obama or Hillary in November. Meanwhile, the Democrats are really having at time with it with Obama and Hillary. It's been fascinating to watch. I keep saying that, but it's true. It scares me to think about what will happen if any of these people get into office, particularly Obama or Hillary, but even with McCain. What is going to happen to our country's security? All I can say as I'm glad that God is my security.

I was especially surprised to hear Dr. Dobson's quote last week after Super Tuesday when he said this might be the first time he does not vote for any presidential candidate. I think this is a huge mistake for Republicans. Even as much as some of us don't like McCain, he would still have the power to give Republicans key judicial appointments. If at all possible, we can't give that up. Huckabee is still hanging in there, but the writing on the wall is there for him, too. He only wins the evangelical vote. I think he would have less support to back him up than McCain.

Any thoughts?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday!

I should be doing some laundry (seriously, kids are going to go to school without anything to wear tomorrow) and I also should be making dinner, but it's Super Tuesday! Have you voted? I have my very own pole. Let me know your opinion.

After a lot of thought and debate and prayer, I voted for Romney. I don't think my guy Huckabee is fiscally conservative enough for me nor is he serious about protecting our borders. I'm afraid, though, that Huckabee will siphon off Romney votes which may leave us Republicans with McCain. We shall see. Politics have been absolutely fascinating to watch.

I completed another day of subbing today. I'm scheduled for four days this week with Thursday still waiting to be filled. Last week it was all middle school work. Today, I got promoted back to high school. I stumbled through math class trying to remember how in the world to do the quadratic equation. Still not sure!

Kylie woke up this morning complaining of aches and pains. She seemed a little feverish too, so Keith stayed home with her so that I could continue to build my hours as a sub. He reports that by 8:00 am she was feeling fine, so they went out for breakfast. It's a rough life for some people. Others of us got a choice of corn dog or "steak" sandwiches at the cafeteria. Talk about misleading labels. I chose the "steak" sandwich and decided after one bite that it was the worst thing that I've ever eaten, and I'm not at all picky about my food!