Friday, February 29, 2008

The Abominable Snow-van

I am so pleased to announce that I drove the van home today. The transmission is fixed and the mechanic discovered what all other mechanics have missed before him. He replaced the thermostat so that now, for the first time, the temperature gage reads right in the middle. It has always run cold for the 13 years we've had it. It also needs a good oil change. It sounds rough and heavy. The radio no longer works either. Keith figures that by replacing the radio, the van's value ought to double. : )

I'm also going to try to get the house in order for unexpected company. Keith's dear friend and Bible study leader from California, Chris, is coming through on his way to purchase a camper/trailer in Savannah. Keith will go with him tomorrow morning for the drive to Savannah and get caught up on the happenings of the Cordill family.

The kids are at school and I'm busy typing this little bit before going back to my labors. I loo-oove to clean house. Ahem. So, I gave Keith the usual little reminders when we have company over, "Don't let him go through the garage -- come through the FRONT door! Don't show him our room! I'll try to Febreeze everything to death! Maybe you ought to steer clear of the laundry room, too . . . " and on and one it goes.

I want to spruce up the little van to return to the Shermans, too. I need to give it a good vacuum cleaning and then take it to one of those places to give it a good upholstery cleaning. That little van was sure a wonderful blessing to us while we were without our van. It will always look to me like the most beautiful car in the world, next to The Abominable Snow-van, of course.

Have a wonderful weekend, all.


Lil' Sister Connie said...

Just wanted to invite you to Gabriel's party, just in case your in town.
He's turning 4...on St. Patrick's day so think of him and pray for him. You were the first one who ever saw him...I love you and yours and we miss you!!!

Jackie said...

Happy birthday, Gabey Baby! I love you!

Qtpies7 said...

I'm so excited that you have your van back! I wish we had ours back. Some day...

Your cleaning sounds like mine, hehe, Not in our room!!!!