Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back from winter break

Last week the kids were off for winter break. Keri Lynn went on a four-day ski trip with her youth group -- she is hooked on skiing now. We all needed a little rest after battling a lot of colds and some flu.

This is a great time of year because we get our tax refund!

This year, we got the biggest tax refund ever. And it couldn't have come at a better year. So, as a result, the van is in the shop and is expected to be ready on FRIDAY! The kids and I went into the van to start cleaning out. It had been sitting in the garage since the beginning of August, so there were cobwebs and unidentified food items in there. Still, we all heaved a big sigh of fond reminiscence for our 1993 Club Wagon. We've missed it! I personally can't wait to get it back! I'm giddy! No air-conditioning, cracked front window and all.

The little boys got a set of bunk beds at last. They've been sleeping on mats on the floor of their room for at least a year now, after they'd wet their beds too many times. (Sorry, gross, I know, but definitely life in our house.) We had bought mattress protectors, but those had bit the dust earlier, too. How, you may ask? I don't know. But you can believe that they are A LOT more careful with their mattresses this time around and overjoyed to have the bunks.

Keith and the girls (Kylie and Kathleen) are out right now looking at a set of bunk beds for their room, too, only neither one wants it set up in a bunk. K-Mart has a set that can be set up singly or on top of each other for a really nice price. Hopefully they'll have a set at the K-Mart closest to us. Keith has been on the prowl for their beds for several weeks lately. Kathleen wants to put polka dots on her walls that, if done right, might look really cute. We'll see.

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Qtpies7 said...

Where is the picture of "the bob" you said you would put up?

I am so happy about your van! Yeah!!! We are thinking of taking our van in next week. We thought it was the engine, then our mechanic came out and started it up, and he thought it could be something else, until I told him what happened. But then Donnie moved it tonight and the noise stopped after a bit, so it could be the cheaper fix!

My kids stopped using the bunkbeds together. I wonder if it is an age thing. Sam and Trinity didn't mind, but noone else wants them.