Saturday, August 18, 2007

Papa comes for a visit

Keith's Dad, Stan, arrived Wednesday night and will be staying with us for a week. We've been so looking forward to his visit, since this will be the first time he's come to see us since our big move to Atlanta more than (can it be?) two years ago.

We also got the pleasure of celebrating, as he puts it, his 39th anniversary of his 39th birthday! So, Stan, happy birthday to you! And many more!

It cracks me up to observe my father-in-law. In him I see Keith in another 34 years. They have so many similar interests and habits. They are both enmeshed in politics and political opinion. They both love all things electronic. They're both very personable and kind. And, most importantly, they both love the Lord. I am forever thankful that the Lord provided both Keith and I with parents who love the Lord. May we continue to pass down this critical heritage to our children.

On Thursday, we sent the public school kids on their way on their buses and I got the homeschooled kids ready for an outing with "Papa". We took him to IHOP for a birthday breakfast. Then, we went for a car tour (using Stan's rental car -- since our van is still down) of downtown Newnan. We passed Keri Lynn and Kristofer's high school on the way to our favorite park. We played there for maybe a half hour before the heat just got to be too much. The heat has been in the triple digits ALL WEEK! We are dying! Thank God for air conditioning!

On Friday, Keith had the day off, so he and his Dad took off in Stan's rental car to Fry's, about 1 1/2 hours north of us while I took The Three to run errands. There were a number of pressing issues that had been building without the use of a car during the day. First was the library books. Since I'm already in trouble with the library for late books, I wasn't thrilled about going back with truly late books. As it turns out, it was only $18 -- not too bad for me! Then, we went to BURGER KING for lunch because the kids decided that would be the best place to have lunch. After I dragged them from the play area, we went off to return some rental DVDs. At our grocery store is one of those machines that spits out newly released DVDs for $1 a day. It's such a good deal IF one remembers to return them the next day by midnight. However, I didn't. Too much going on. I SHOULD just leave the library and the DVD rentals alone while I get my life back together again, but I don't! Anyway, the machine once again did not properly swallow my DVD returns, so I had to get on the line with the rental company, and the nice lady on the line charged me for three days of DVD rentals instead of SEVEN days. Yippee!
So now my slate is clean. No current library or DVD rental fines. Whew!

To celebrate, I got some chips and ice cream to go with our hamburgers I had planned for Friday night, and we went racing home to meet the first of the returning students. Kathleen had already arrived and was peering into the front door side window panels to see where we had all gone. Poor thing. Fortunately, I was home and taking groceries out of the car when Keva got home.

Today, I'm home with Keri Lynn and Keva while the rest have gone off, about an hour and fifteen minutes away, across the border into Alabama, to go to our Sunday School class social -- a picnic at a lake near a friend's lake house. The kids all tumbled into the two cars -- Keith's truck and Stan's rental -- with their water shoes, towels, loads of sunscreen, beach chairs, food and water -- and everyone drove away.

It's so blessedly quiet, I could just sing . . . in my head . . . and dance . . . in my head. Very nice. Keri Lynn is quietly avoiding her homework by playing Roller Coaster Tycoon -- a new addiction -- on the computer. Keva is quietly watching Access Hollywood. Kody is laying around near the back door looking dejected because no one thought to bring HIM to the lake!

I've been fairly busy filling out forms for the younger kids. I've decided to enroll Kylie, Kade and Konner in a brand new program for Georgia. It's the K12 program. In a nutshell, it's public school at home. All curriculum materials will be provided for us, as well as a teacher for each of the kids that we report to. I would not have done this earlier in my homeschool career, but I've come to the realization that I do need more accountability with the kids -- that, and I'm thrilled to get material without having to pay for it. It has been my hue and cry for years, that if I could just get 10% of the money spent on the average public school child to use for school at home, I'd be set. Now, in a way, I have it. It's going to be harder and perhaps I'll regret my decision, or it just might be the best decision for our family, but only time will tell. I'll keep you all updated as we go along.

The rest of the kids going to public school are doing well. They're tired, though. For now, it's a lot more demanding -- especially for Kathleen and Keri Lynn. The days start early and are long. The heat, as I've said, just saps us all -- especially the ones who have to ride the bus. We are all enjoying the weekend immensely. Kathleen told me last Sunday night that she would DEFINITELY do ALL of her weekend homework on Friday night as soon as she got home. But Friday night came and went and she was tripping off to a choir kick-off event instead! So, I'll probably hear all about it on Sunday night again!

Tonight, we're having make-your-own tacos. A family favorite. I figure everyone will be starved from the day's activities, especially Kade. Before then, I'm hoping to do a little more laundry and maybe give Keva a bath.

Tomorrow, I'm going in early to church to attend a Sunday School teacher's meeting. I decided that I've been resting on my laurels at church long enough. It's time to get going again. So I'm teaching in Acteens on Wednesday nights and in 2nd grade Sunday School. I'm hoping the Sunday School job is going to turn into a real teaching job and not as much of the administrative stuff. In Acteens, one of my friends called me and asked if I could help do the teaching and she would do the administrative part. I said, "SURE!" Just don't put me in charge of an attendance form, a phone list, mailers, crafts, or anything like that. Just let me teach a Bible story! That is my true love!

While the school year gets underway, I'd like all of you who are prayer warriors to pray for our family as we continue to look for a job for me that fits with our family's schedule. In truth, I've done very little about looking for something, but we need the extra income more and more each month. I know that there's an answer to our financial pressures because God is always faithful to our needs. Some possibilities have come to mind even recently that I would like to follow through on, but we've had so much going on with company and Keri Lynn's health and school and car. . . Whew! I'll be glad for a semi-settled routine again!

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Qtpies7 said...

I am really thankful that God has supplied a very parttime job for me, and I don't need to worry about sitters or leaving my kids home alone! I babysit on Thursday and Fridays starting in September. Very LONG days, but good money.
I am also concidering something else that maybe would fit for you. On my contest pages there is a contest for a sign language dvd set. That company certifies people to teach classes for infant sign and to sell their products, also to teach it to day care centers! Average income for 4-5 hours a week is $16,000 a year. I think that is pretty good money.
I would teach classes through the community ed if I were to do it. There are no classes anywhere close to us, so I could even reach several other communities.