Thursday, August 23, 2007

Meme time

Jennifer over at McBenning School tagged me for a meme. I can't resist those things. So here it is. (May I also throw in a thanks to Jen for her ever encouraging comments on the blog.) We bloggers LIVE for comments. Hint, hint, hint!

ACCENT - None that I know of, and the no-accent thing makes me stick out like a sore thumb here south of Atlanta with all the "y'all"s and "fixin' to"s and "Yes, Ma'am"s.

I DON"T DRINK - Diet drinks . . . anymore. I used to slug down two or three with breakfast and maybe a couple more later in the day, but finally decided that maybe that wasn't the healthiest thing to do. I don't like coffee. I do love hot tea in the winter and cold tea in the summer -- preferably SWEET tea because I'm working on being a Southern Belle.

CHORE I HATE - Just one? What kind of survey is this, anyway?!? I really dislike anything that I've let go for too long -- dishes, laundry, vaccuuming. I, in fact, get kind of mean and nasty with everyone in the family until the house starts looking like someone cares once more. I finally figured out that I'm just mad at myself and have since tried to not be such a witch when it comes to keeping the house clean. Maintenance, people, maintenance!

PETS - Only one and also our first family pet (if you don't count the dozens of fish we've killed over the years.) Our beloved black lab, Kody. For all of the things he leaves chewed into little bits all over the house, he still manages to keep a special place in this family's heart.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS - Laptop, laptop, and, uh, laptop! And cell phone. What did we ever do without cell phones not such a long time ago?

PERFUME - I like anything with a fresh flower scent -- roses, gardenia, jasmine -- Oh, and I like cucumber and melon together, too. I'm allergic to most other regular perfumes. My throat starts to swell up, I cough, and feel a little naseated.

GOLD or SILVER - I prefer gold, but I like silver, too. I'm gunning for a Mother's Day present someday -- a gold ring with each of the kids' birthstones on them. I've been brainwashing them about this present for some time now. : )

INSOMNIA - Thank God, no. If it takes me 30 minutes to get to sleep, I feel that I've been robbed. Keith isn't so fortunate. And he needs everything absolutely pitch dark. Little computer lights, my nightstand clock, the copier button, the printer button . . . any kind of light whatsoever are absolutely blaring to him. I always tell him, "Sweetie, all you've got to do is CLOSE YOUR EYES and the little lights go away!" He doesn't think that's very funny.

JOB TITLE - Homemaker and homeschool teacher.

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT - People keep telling me how patient I am. HA HA! This is so funny, because I'm really not, especially at that special challenging time of the month. I suppose I'm good at pretending to be patient. But I think what I like most about myself is that I tend to look at things in a glass-half-full sort of way.

KIDS - Seven precious gifts from the Lord, ages 16 to 6.

PHOBIA -Mice and heighths, although I do love a good roller coaster.

RELIGION - Much more than religion, there is my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who saved me from my sins. This relationship is my whole life, my whole reason for being. Without Him, I am nothing.

SIBLINGS - Two brothers, two sisters -- all of whom are in Southern California -- Beth, Dan, Mark and Connie! Hi, you guys! Leave a comment!

TIME I WAKE UP - Ugh, 6:15 now that school has started. I am NOT a morning person.

UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL - I love to crochet. I get into a project and work at it for hours and hours and then regularly for months, until I'm either done and happy with it or sick of it and never pick it up again. I also like to write, so I'll go on little writing binges and work on the next big BEST SELLER!

VEGETABLE - I really like fried green tomatoes and fried eggplant. So healthy! Brocolli gives me too much gas. Is that TMI?

WORST HABIT - Getting side-tracked on work that I'm supposed to do. I say this way too many times, "Oh, I was working on that . . . I MEANT to get it done."

X-RAYS - For a broker finger, split chin, possible pneumonia and bronchiitis, and of course, the dreaded dental work.

Go ahead and take a turn if you want . . .


jennifer said...

OK some facts were a little TMI, but I find comfort in having Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri between us(when you are eating broccoli!)

I can't wait until the novel...check out the website, and you will know what to do next

And the job one made me squirm too, as I *dislike them all*

Have I ever mentioned that I was born in Fort Benning Georgia(or is it "at")? No accent from me either !

Danny Wing said...

Ok Jackie, I was at a very boring meeting today and I had some time on my hands.

I DON'T DRINK- I love Coca-Cola (Go Atlanta), but try not to drink too many.

CHORE I HATE- Taking out the trash. Being one of the only brothers, I use to have to take it out all the time.

PETS- I really don't like animals. Dead ones are OK. I think it is too much responsibility. I can barely take care of my self, let alone an animal. I will be getting a classroom pet this year, a fish.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS - For sure my MacBook computer. Go MACS!!

COLOGNE- I have several, my favorite Drakkar. Has a nice manly scent.

GOLD or SILVER- Gold, gotta have the bling bling.

INSOMNIA- No, I have no problem sleeping. You work with 20 kinder kids all day and then see if you have trouble falling asleep.

JOB TITILE- Kindergarten teacher. And yes I am a male.

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT- Maybe my sense of humor (mostly sarcasm)?

KIDS- None yet, but working on it.

PHOBIA- I hate possums!! One was trapped in our house when I was younger. Still dealing with the emotional distress.

RELIGION- Don't have one, I have a relationship with the Creator. Go Jesus!

SIBLINGS- Too many of them to count (j/k). Jackie, Beth, Mark and Connie. I am stuck right in the middle. I believe that I am the favored one too.

TIME I WAKE UP- I get up around 6:30ish. Doesn't take me to long to get ready.

UNUSUAL TALENT- I can fart with my hands. I inherited very moist hands.

VEGETABLE- I think I have to go with asparagus, but I've been on a snow pea kick for a while.

WORST HABIT- Probably farting with my hands, kidding aside, I am a procrastinator.

X-RAYS- Had pneumonia once, dentist visits.

Jackie said...

Jennifer -- I'm staying away from the brocolli! And did you stay in Georgia for very long or did you just make your first appearance here?

Danny -- if you have any last shred of decency . . . don't get a fish! They're so easy to kill. Of course, you could use the fish to teach your class about the circle of life.

Hey, did you hear about the guy at the restaurant. A waiter came in with a plate full of Snoopies. And the guy said, "I thought I ordered snow peas."

And you have a faulty memory. I'M the favorite child. : )

Anonymous said...

I will not be done out by any brother of mine... I am the favorite;)

DON'T DRINK- but I love Coffee, LOVE Coffee...

CHORE I HATE- Bathroom



COLOGNE- Anything from bath and body works...


INSOMNIA- It takes about an hour to really fall asleep after everyone else is down

JOB TITILE- Office Liaison


KIDS- Lola, 5 and Gabriel, 3

PHOBIA- Not being able to provide for my childern.

RELIGION- Christian, if I have to check a box. I do have a relationship.

SIBLINGS- Jackie, Beth, Danny, and Mark.



VEGETABLE- I love all salads

WORST HABIT- I am a procrastinator.

X-RAYS- Yes, too many to count... God is good.

Jackie said...

Okay, Connie -- If you'd like to THINK you're the favorite . . .

But don't you think the whole procrastination theme in the siblings is interesting? Who did we get this from? Anyone, anyone?

And does macaroni salad or chicken salad count as a salad? Those are my favorites.

: )

Jessica said...

Ok, I should be getting some work done right now, but since I am also a fabulous procrastinator and Danny insists I need to participate in this meme, here's my $0.02...

ACCENT - Southern Californian with an occasional Valley Girl twist

I DON'T DRINK- coffee. I don't like it. But, ironically, I make gallons of it in the cafe at church every Sunday.

CHORE I HATE- cleaning bathrooms. Fortunately, my husband feels that this is not a chore for ladies, so I never have to.

PETS- leopard gecko in my classroom

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS - my laptop (a Mac, of course). I could not teach or otherwise function without it.

COLOGNE- pretty much anything from Bath & Body Works


INSOMNIA- Never! I can sleep any time, anywhere!

JOB TITILE- 4th/5th grade teacher

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT- my ability to always look on the bright side. I'm definitely a glass-half-full kind of girl.

KIDS- Not yet.

PHOBIA- potato bugs. It's a long story.

RELIGION- To quote Danny, "Don't have one, I have a relationship with the Creator. Go Jesus!"

SIBLINGS- Jennifer in Tennessee and Brian here in SoCal

TIME I WAKE UP- 5:40 during the school year.

UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL- I am freakishly good with numbers.

VEGETABLE- Mushrooms and artichokes

WORST HABIT- Procrastination (perhaps that's why I married into this family)

X-RAYS- Hmmm...a sprained finger, a concussion, a few separated ribs, ... that's all I can remember at the moment.

Jackie said...

Jessica, loved your $.02! I didn't know you were a procrastinator, too! No wonder I like you so much!

Way to go, Danny, with not letting Jessica clean the bathroom. Scoring big points there!

And still kind of salivating over the Macs you guys brought with you on your visit . . .