Friday, August 24, 2007

Fashion Gurus -- What to wear in Georgia

This morning, an argument ensued:

Kade: I had those camouflage shorts first!

Konner: No, you didn't! I did!

Kade: Uh-hu!

Konner: Nuh-hu!

(Scuffling and more arguments.)

A short time later, Kade comes to me to complain about how Konner has stolen his camouflage shorts. I then lay down my decision, "Kade, you got to wear that shirt yesterday, so now it's Konner's turn to wear what he wants."

Next thing I know, a proud-Mommy moments arrives in all its glory!

Kade: Look, Mom! We found TWO camouflage shorts and TWO orange shirts. We're twins. And when we go outside later, we're going to wear our overalls! When we get too hot, we'll take off our overalls and . . . . LOOK! . . . . We'll have our shorts on again!

Kylie joins in on the fashion action with her own orange/camo look!

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jennifer said...

K' keeping kool kan keep karegivers kolorfully kalm!

{{sorry couldn't get off the fruitloop couch this afternoon}} just I love the kids names! and Kody too!