Tuesday, August 07, 2007

To the Capitol!

We parked in the coolest parking lot right above the freeway! I think this was the kids' favorite part of the whole outing. They stood looking down at the cars zooming by underneath.

Here we are in the state senate room. The lady in front was our very capable tour guide.

Here she is again explaining some of the significance of various paintings.

Denise and me. (My purse is jam packed with brochures for future field trips.)

The kids at a historic cannon.

I was intrigued by this statue in front of the capitol building.

At the base of the statue were these words:
War Governor of Georgia
Patriot, Statesman, Christian
Born April 15, 1821 Died November 30, 1894
Governor of Georgia four terms 1857-1865
Chief Justice Supreme Court of Georgia 1868-1870
United States Senator from Georgia 1880-1891
Founder of Charles McDonald Brown
Scholarship Fund
University of Georgia
Wife of Joseph Emerson Brown
Born July 13, 1826 Died Decemeber 26, 1896
Devoted Wife, Loving Mother, Loyal Patriot
A Christian Obedient to God

Here are the little kids after a educational tour of the capitol -- digging for rolly pollies.

It was a hot day -- about 96 degrees -- and humid. Denise treated us to Dairy Queen. It was just what the doctor ordered!

The line-up, again by age: Konner, Victoria, Kade, Kylie, Joshua, Kathleen, Kathleen H., Keva, Bethany, Kristofer and Keri Lynn.

Kylie and Victoria get ready for bed. It's another early day tomorrow for all of us!


jennifer said...

Looks like field trip was great!

I love this Devoted Wife, Loving Mother, Loyal Patriot
A Christian Obedient to God

and can only pray that this is how I actually live!

Jackie said...

Oh, yes! I want that on my tombstone.

Qtpies7 said...

Oh my gosh you ahve been busy posting! I check back every day, a couple times a day, and then I come back and you have about 20 new posts up! LOL