Tuesday, August 07, 2007

First Day of School

I love this picture of Kathleen. She was so excited about the first day that she hardly slept. She was sure I must have waken her up only minutes before she fell asleep.

Keva sat herself down for some breakfast, but she eats breakfast at school. Her bus comes a few minutes after the other kids' bus.

Keri Lynn gets ready for her big day.

Kristofer decided to go a little early to the bus stop just in case he missed the bus.

There he is all by himself! (I took this picture from our bathroom window -- the only view out to the side of our house where the driveway is.) By the time the bus comes there are about 10-12 kids waiting at that stop. The bus then goes to the elementary school. The elementary school students get off to go their school, the high school kids get off to go to a bus that will take them to the high school, and the middle school students stay on and go on to their school.

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jennifer said...

I remember the excitement that I felt in the pit of my stomach, awaiting the first day!