Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ode to Kody

Kody, one year ago today we brought you home! Our first family dog! We were all SO EXCITED! We just knew you would be the best dog ever! So we inducted you into the family with the same initials as the kids: Kody Lick. And now, amazingly, a year later, we've all lived to tell the tale of our dog Kody . . .

Kody, you love to be with people. You are warm and friendly and lovable. Since you know I give the best treats, you follow Mom everywhere. In the picture above, there you are in the middle of the kitchen floor. It is UNCANNY how you pick the most obtrusive spot in the house. If I'm in the kitchen for even a second, you plop yourself down at the nearest vicinity. Who cares if it's in front of the stove where I'm trying to cook or in front of the dishwasher where I'm trying to load or in front of the refrigerator where I'm trying to clean or at the counter where I'm trying to cut something up. Who really cares as long as you're with me!

Oh, and if I'm working at the computer, I ALWAYS close the door. A few minutes later, I hear a loud thump you, Kody, plunk yourself down agaist the door. I open the door and always am careful to look down so that I step over rather than into said dog body. At night, if hallway lights aren't turned on, Keith or I are going to kill ourselves falling you, fool dog!

Here you are, Kody, hanging out at your dog bowls. But you're not interested in the food in the bowl. Oh, no! You'd much rather have the food that's in the trash can. Or, if there is no food in the trash can, then you're perfectly content chewing up the trash itself -- cracker boxes, meat wrappers, paper towels and napkins. Heaven forbid we should put one of Keva's diapers in the trash -- Oh, no! We've learned from previous experience to send that DIRECTLY (do not pass Go, do not collect $200) to the trash bin in the garage!

But we're on to you now, Kody. We finally wised up. After first trying a trash can with a lid, then trying a big bag in the trash can that would cover up the entire front, and then trying to simply pile things on top of the trash can like a really bad episode from I Love Lucy, we finally started using our heads. Or actually, Kade did . . .

Kade said, "Well, why don't we just put the trash can in the pantry like at Jack and Thomas' house."

House is silent for a minute. I think I hear crickets.

"You know, Kade, that might not be a bad idea . . . "

And now, Kody can no longer get into the trash can because it's IN THE PANTRY!

Now let's discuss Kody's love of the laundry room. I "lovingly" call this room my Inner Sanctum since I spend so much time in it. Here's the picture of it in all of its glory. Take a moment. Breath it in. It's beautiful, isn't it? Or at least Kody thinks so, and joins me there any chance he gets. Most company gets to enjoy the wonders of laundry room aromas whenever entering the house from the garage.

Anyway, I digress . . .

I will finish (for the time being) doing work in the laundry room, and I come out to . . . you guessed it! Kody! Laying across the threshhold of the laundry room . . .

But I have not begun to describe Kody's favorite part of the day. Nothing is complete until we get to go retrieve Keva from the bus. He listens carefully for that magic moment. He perks his ears . . . Yes, yes, it is the bus! Mommy, it is the bus! It's time to go get her! It's time to fly and be free! Let's go! Let's go! You are way to slow!

And Keva loves this time, too. Now she can pull Kody's ears and yank his tail and choke him with his collar! This is great fun!

Oh, and don't forget laying on him. She loves to do that, too! Big hugs for Kody!

So, Kody, this is your day. For all of the messes and being in the way and barking at every single person who deigns to ring the doorbell . . . We salute you!


Rocio said...

This is the best post yet. Kody is just an over all character. Him laying in the door way is my favorite, wise movement to put the trash can inside the pantry, I love how Keva and Kody like to spend time together the love just flows in harmony. Kody you are a blessing. How are his back legs doing.

Jackie said...

Hi Rocio! His back leg is still real bad. We're pretty sure it's hip dysplasia, even though we've never taken him to a vet. Poor doggy!

Kody is in the dog house (so to speak) right now, though. He ate my CD Walkman.

Qtpies7 said...

Great post! I wish I could love my dog so much. Ours is a brut. I can't even get near him without a squirt gun or he tries to knock me down. He is scared of running water, so the squirt gun or the hose with running water, he knows if it is not on, will make him stand clear of me. He's an angel when Donnie is around, so he didn't believe me that the dog has it in for me, lol.