Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Not just another grocery store trip

I almost lost an opportunity to be with my kid.

I was heading off to the grocery store. It's not my favorite chore, but I don't mind it too much. I like to find the best deals and plan meals that my family will enjoy. But frankly, the thing I enjoy most about getting groceries is being able to be out all by myself.

So when Konner begged me to go with him, I automatically said "NO!"

I even threatened sending him off to bed for a nap because he was carrying on so. But, as I got into the car to drive away, there he was at the end of the driveway quietly sobbing to himself. That did it. What kind of monster was I, anyway?

"Okay, Konner. Go tell Daddy you're going with me to the grocery store."

He wiped his snotty nose so that a nice streak of dirt went across his face and ran back into the house as quick as he could. Before I knew it, there he was, strapped into the seat of honor next to me. In the front. Where he could touch the air conditioning vents, window and glove compartment to his heart's content.

And these were the topics of conversation for the 15 minute ride to Kroger. (Please know that all sentences started out the same, "Mom, Mom, Mom . . . " because, being the youngest kid, I'm not always inclined to hear him the first time.)

1) The art of riding a bike without holding on to the handlebars -- and his dismay that Mac hadn't believed him!

2) That bonfires are not BOMBfires, and being treated to a series of sound effects.

3) Tanks. "Mom, Mom, Mom, when a tank blows up a hole, how BIG does the hole get?"

4) "Mom, Mom, Mom," pointing to the street lights along the road, "are they on ALL night?"

5) The marvels of solar-powered lights

And that was just GOING to the store. As we pulled in, he pointed to a grocery cart, "Mom, Mom, Mom, do you remember when I rode in one of those?"

Inwardly, I sigh, thinking, Yes, I do, Konner. Yes, I do.

"But now I'm TOO big."

"You sure are a big guy, Konner. I'm so proud of you!"

He mentioned it again in the store about missing being able to ride in a grocery cart, and I wondered where the time had gone.

He behaved very well all through the store. He only asked for a few things, only had to go to the bathroom once, and was patient as I went down each aisle.

"Wow, Mom, you've got a lot of groceries!"

(Who knew that my weekly grocery comment would come from my own son!)

We passed the make-up, "Mom, Mom, Mom, I do NOT want make-up."

"Maybe I'll get some for your birthday!"

He guffawed.

Then, came the inevitable, "Could I have a little something to take home?" Then he cocked his head just so in his most adorable stance, the one that he knows full well I can't refuse.
"Okay, Konner, but wait until we're at the check-out."

And he did. He was very patient. He got himself a 3 Musketeers bar, then traded that it for a bag of Doritos, which he crunched happily all the way home. And to think that I'd almost missed that time with him.

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