Tuesday, September 25, 2007

40 Days

Nothing yet on the job front. I need to step it up a notch.

I got a second call in as many school days from Kylie's school nurse. Yesterday, Kylie was complaining of her chest hurting. She had been complaining of a stomach ache through most of the weekend, as well, so I told the nurse that it was probably a little bit of a flu bug. The nurse had already checked her vitals and even her oxygen saturation level, and reported that everything was normal. She also told me that if I wanted to have medication for her, to just fill out a form and send the medication in its original bottle to school with Kylie so that she, the nurse, could administer it to her. Like Tums, for instance.

Personally, I think Kylie's still in shock over all of the attention she gets when she's hurt herself or has a pain. At home, I just kind of wave her off to the couch to rest, "Stop fussing at me, Kylie, and go lay down!" A natural nurse I am not.

I'm still trying to catch us all up on our laundry. Kade and Konner changed twice this morning, trying to find the perfect matching clothes to wear to school today. They think they're being so sneaky. Most people get them confused because, to others, they look so much alike. And now, because Konner has also lost his top front tooth, they look all the more alike.

Konner is getting all of his front permanent teeth in at the same time, and the baby teeth are not falling out fast enough. While I was at the Women's Retreat, Keith got out pliers. PLAYERS! Ick! I get squeamish just thinking about it. And he pulled Konner's stubborn tooth out. Konner said it didn't hurt and was very proud of his big gap. I'm just glad I wasn't around to watch it! I'm getting all wheezy tingly just thinking about it now!

Tomorrow morning, the bigger students will be attending See You at the Pole, a national prayer time at each school's flag pole. This will kick off a 40 day challenge where they will pray, each have an adult to keep them accountable, and they will give up something they enjoy in order to keep a stronger focus on God. Keri Lynn decided to give up her book writing for 40 days. She has three or four books in the works. She loves to pound a way at the keyboard in her spare time and has become quite a writer. Kristofer adores computer games and will be giving that up for the 40 days. I was really impressed with the both of them and decided that I would give up television for 40 days. Of all three of us, I think that mine is the least sacrificial since TV is such a huge time waster anyway, but it is something I LOVE to do.

Now with the TV off and the kids away, it's quieter than ever!

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jennifer said...

I am sorry for the sickness:(

But I love the 40 day challenge...check out my makeover blog..