Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Breakdown Central

Things are breaking down left and right around here.

Our van is still down since August 6. Keith pulled it out of the garage yesterday to take out the riding lawn mower. I waited with baited breath to see if the transmission was miraculously healed, but it was not. The engine light blared RED and smoke plumed out. So, it's definitely needing to go to the shop.

Kody, dearly beloved dog -- nearly murdered dog -- chewed up my CD Walkman. I used that thing all the time for my walks. I just got finished listening to Jane Eyre (one of my favorites), and left it at a couch table and -- WAMMO -- the dog ate it. I was lucky to pry out the CD that was still in there. Grrrrrr.

Something's going on with my laptop, too. Keith has been working on it, but before I even think about applying for that tutor.com job, I better have my computer in working order. Right now it's running dead-dog slow. (Hmm. Dead dog, that's a nice thought.)

Then there's the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner itself is fine, but the attachments went missing last week. I had to do the ol' "no one is going to play with any friends or go outside AT ALL" until we find the attachments! They are in this house SOMEWHERE! Find them!" Of course, they didn't find attachments that day, so I was stuck with a lot of grumpy kids in the house that day. (Note to self: Choose ultimatums wisely.) But, the attachments were eventually found behind a dresser -- don't even ask -- and one of them (the one that makes the attachment go longer) was chewed on my the dear dog. They still work, but my back may go out.

But far worse than any of the above troubles, is the ultimate of all troubles. The worst of the worst. The trouble to end all troubles. The washing machine has died. Not only died, but died at its peak need.

To be honest, each day the washing machine is at peak need, but last Thursday, I loaded up the wash as usual, and then gathered up the neglected laundry around the house, sorted it all into neat piles -- darks, lights and bleach-'em-to-death piles -- when the washer beeped a warning and gave up the ghost.

Fortunately, Keith saw fit to get a warranty on our washer and dryer. So, after he looked at it that night (and I was already breaking into a cold sweat because we had nothing clean THEN), I called for repair.

"Yes, ma-am, we'll send someone out to you . . . . .Wednesday."

"Wednesday? As in FIVE days from now? No one TOMORROW? I have SEVEN kids who are going to be running around NAKED! WEDNESDAY? Are you absolutely positive there isn't an earlier time?"

You all know the answer to that one.

So yesterday, out of sheer desperation, I borrowed a neighbor's washer and dryer. They were so sweet, because I had some NASTY stuff to wash. I felt like a woman in a third-world country taking my basket back and forth all day yesterday to get four loads done. I probably LOOKED like one, too, because of my lack of clean clothes. Hopefully, those four loads will do it for us until Wednesday.

And of course, Wednesday is when I'm supposed to start Bible study. I don't have a car to get there. I don't know if someone will be able to watch my kids. I don't even have anything to wear. And now, the repair guy is supposed to come on Wednesday. Do they tell me a time? Of course not . . .

"No, ma'am, we really don't know what time on Wednesday," he says a little strained, "I told you, they'll call between 7 and 9 for your appointment."

What's your bet that they'll be happy to repair the washer between 12:30 and 4:30, when I would actually be at home? Slim to nil is my bet.

This always happens with Bible study, though. It's always hard to go, especially with a new year. There are always obstacles in the way because it is so dangerous for Christians to actually know and rely on what Scripture says. So, given that it's going to take moving mountains to get to Bible study this year, I'm REALLY EXCITED to see what's coming!


suburbancorrespondent said...

We certainly live parallel lives. I know that scene of dragging the wash to a neighbor's house for a week until the repairman shows up. It happens often. I realized that a washer's estimated life expectancy is based on usage of 8 loads a week. Really. So, figuring that I do 21 or 22 loads a week, it makes sense that it seems to need help so often (that, and the fact that my kids will not empty their pockets before they do their laundry and so the pump gets clogged frequently). I sort of like taking my laundry to my neighbors' houses, though. Their laundry rooms are so much neater and more pleasant than mine. Which is a dump. Because we don't have a garage, where people usually dump their "extra" stuff.

jennifer said...

sounds like Satan is working extra hard...you are right, keep plugging

I wish I could watch the kids and let them play with mine...sounds like they would all have fun!!

Qtpies7 said...

We are both going through the same things! Wow! Our van works right now, but Donnie has to use it for work, which leaves me with a car that we dare not leave town in, lol. I'm going to have him borrow his parents car on Thursday and Friday because I start babysitting then and need to drive with the kids.
I have a washer from my friend, so I can wash, but its only half or less of what I normally wash in my big washer. It should wear out quick at my house.
The furnace and the work car are my biggies right now. That and the HUGE utilities bill, which we have covered, but we had hoped to use that money to get the washer/dryer working again.
We'll have to pray for each other in this time of craziness.