Monday, September 10, 2007

Long live my washing machine

Greetings from the Land of Dirty Laundry.

On Friday, I called to check on the status of the ordered parts for my washing machine, and I was told one part had come in, but the other one was BACK-ORDERED until Sept. 19. Then, the next day, I received an automated call telling me that my service repair date could be scheduled for Sept. 14, that the part was due to come in on the 13th. Go figure. I'll take the earlier date, for sure. So, now, I wait for that anxious moment. It feels a little like the 9th month of pregnancy, to be honest. I'm uncomfortable, anxious and more than ready for the event to take place!

And I'm not very giddy like the last scheduled repair. I'm holding my emotions in check, not counting my chicks before they're hatched. No, siree! I'm waiting to see that washing machine do its thing, and then I'm going to throw a party.

Never mind that I'm three birthday parties behind for my own kids. No. There is a much more important issue at stake.

I really didn't think a broken washing machine would affect me the way this has. But I came to realize that about a dozen times a day, if I'm in between projects, need to get kick-started to clean up the house or touch a few dirty dishes, that the first thing I usually do is put a load in the wash. I always try to keep it going -- at least two or three loads a day normally and when I'm getting caught up, six or seven loads. But I can't do that now. I have switched to throwing a load of clothes into my bathtub, but that's not quite the same thing!

I've also discovered that it is VERY HARD to hand wash clothes and even harder to wring water out of clothes. VERY HARD! My muscles ache from the exertion. Not to mention that now I have some bleach stains on my clothes and I'm a lot more sweaty than when I started. TMI? I'm must getting started! Then, there's the whole problem of Keva's laundry. She is not allowed to poop out of her pants or onto anything at all until we get this machine fixed. However, she has not adhered to these rules. Kody, too, has had two accidents since the break-down -- I think he senses my stress! Not to mention, the little boys are the last remaining bed-wetters. So their room reeks! And they run out of clothes five times as fast as anyone else.

I have moved all of the dirty clothes to the guest bathroom next to the laundry room in anticipation of the repair man working his magic in there. So, it's impossible to use that bathroom and it is a very good idea to keep that door closed AT ALL TIMES.

And so the saga of the broken down washing machine continues . . .


jennifer said...

I am so sorry that you are going through this. I had to hand wash laundry for a few years due to finances and I have an idea that worked for me.

I used the wringer from a mop bucket that the restaurants use. It cost about 15.00 at the time and I put it over a pickle bucket and viola I squeezed the water out.

I have read about early pioneers who also pounded the clothing on a rock. Maybe you can do so on the balcony?

Praying for the washer to be whole again!! Or new !!

Jackie said...

Jennifer, that mop wringer is a great idea! God willing, my washing machine will be up and running like a wild banchee by Friday! Friday night I leave for women's retreat. I'll either be smelling pretty good or pretty bad!

Qtpies7 said...

Oh, I so feel your woe! I have thankfully been given a washer, so I can do laundry,but a small old machine does not work like a new super-size machine, so I'm doing 3 times as many loads, which means this one will wear out soon, lol.
I need to get a repairman out for mine, I'm just too scared with the car repair, furnace out, dryer out, freezer half of my fridge going, going, gone.... its just more than I can handle right now.

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

We thought our dryer was broken last week. Turns out the door was just coming ajar and easily fixed. Point is, I panicked!!! I hope you will get your washer back soon!!!