Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A very relieved Kade after a panicky morning of NO SHOES!
If he clicks them three times, does that mean summer vacation is over?
Keva is less than thrilled about being up so early. And to add insult to injury, she doesn't know that she's about to go to school and there will be NO Miss Dishman. This is very sad for Keva. I'm sure she'll love her new teacher, but it's going to be an adjustment after two years with a beloved teacher.
Keri Lynn doesn't get breakfast at school, so she's making her self a PB&J for breakfast. Yum!
So pretty!
Konner has his cool camo backpack! He tamped down his hair a little so he didn't look quite like an orphan going to school on his first day.
Kylie sports her roller backpack that she got from her friend Erin. I love how the backpacks reflect the kids' varied personalities.
Kristofer, who apparently is no longer capable of keeping his eyes open for a picture! And why is he wearing long sleeves to school on a Georgia August day? Inquiring minds want to know.
Kathleen takes a turn at the bus look-out post. We're so thankful that we're right at the corner where the bus picks kids up.
Precious girl

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Aunt COnnie said...

All the pictures are amazing!!!
I think that Kristofer is spotting a look that doesn't have in mind the weather...Your kids are beautiful! Love you all and we are praying for yoU!