Wednesday, August 06, 2008

On top of Mount Laundry


Rosie : ) said...

That's all you have with 7 kids? Wow, you are doing good! My whole laundry room is a pile :( I can never catch up on my 7 kids's laundry...never mind the sheets and towels...sigh...I cannot wait until the baby is older and he goes through *less* than 4 outfits a day, on a good day. {lol}

Qtpies7 said...

Writing names on the basket is genious! We just swap baskets around, it is crazy. I have one of those tall white ones!

Jackie said...

Lisa, those names on the baskets are from a long ago attempt to organize laundry. I never actually followed through with that method. The method of having them bring their dirty clothes down to the laundry room daily seems to work best, but that means that washing machine has to be going at least two or three times a day! Ack! Laundry. The theme of my life.

BTW, hi Rosie. Thanks for the visit! Always nice to "meet" another Mom of Seven.