Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Fever

Weren't the opening ceremonies of the Olympics absolutely amazing! The artistic grandeur was more than I could even take in. I've never seen anything like it. But, I pray that the Chinese people will realize that it is God who gave them their minds and bodies and their artistry. Without Him there would not have been any spectacle at all. Without Him, all of us would be nothing.

Keith and I have been watching the Olympic games all the way until midnight each night, even last night, when we really needed to get to bed. But the next morning, the alarm clocks went off the same time as any other school day. Argh!

I didn't get a call to sub today either, so I used the time quite productively. I cleaned Keva's room, did all of Keva's laundry (which is a big deal, believe me), loaded the dishwasher, got started on a crochet project, and loaded the washing machine pretty much on the hour throughout the day. Before I knew it, the kids were piling into the house from the bus.

I had planned to start my Bible study tonight, but I ran into some problems late into last week that decided me on taking a slightly different tact. Throughout the week, I'm going to be contacting some of the ladies I know in the neighborhood, to meet with them and get an idea about the time and place for the study. I also need to meet with the lady that is going to be working with me in GAs this year on Wednesday nights. She wasn't at the training meeting, so we'll need to get together and make plans.

The kids came home from school with homework. At least this year they're better prepared to do the work. It's not nearly the overwhelming monster it was this time last year. The elementary kids bring home a packet of homework to work on throughout the week. I really like this method of homework, because then the kids can divide up time according to individual family needs. For instance, Kade has to read three books each week, so he can read one book on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights, and pretty much have Wednesday nights free.

Chicken Parmesan sits in the crockpot for dinner tonight. Anything out of the crockpot always makes me happy!

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CanCan said...

That is a beautiful prayer for China. I worked in China in an elementary school in 2002 and it is amazing the sacrifices that people make in order to excel at something like dancing or swimming.