Sunday, August 03, 2008

Kent and Kradan

Yesterday, we had a great visit with Kent and Kradan. Kent and I go way back to Biola days. We've been in touch all of these years and even came to Atlanta for a visit when Keri Lynn and Kristofer were little, never dreaming that we'd wind up in Atlanta ourselves years later. They were the only people we knew when we moved here THREE years ago. They helped us find a place to rent while our house was under construction and were a tremendous source of support during a crazy time.

They came, with their two kids, to play games. They taught us Speed Scrabble and we taught them a card game. We sat and talked and reminisced, as we tend to do when we're together. Kradan remembered when Kristofer tried to kill himself at their house -- this was before they had kids themselves. Their son Logan joined our boys in video addiction upstairs -- I wonder where they all get it from? Kathleen and their daughter Jordan are two peas in a pod. They spent a great deal of time plotting and planning and playing their own games. Kristofer took all the kids out later in the afternoon to play his favorite Frisbee game, David and Goliath. All in all, it was a really nice time.

Keith had to work today, so I took the kids to church on my own. Kristofer helped with the cameras, as he does a couple of times a month, so I took him in early and came back to get everyone else out the door. It won't be long before Keri Lynn will be able to drive people around. Kristofer, too, will be getting his learning permit in just a few weeks! We'll need drivers as we head quickly into the school year routine. This will be the last Sunday afternoon we'll have free for a very long time!

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