Monday, August 11, 2008

Thank you

For Mr. Farr who went to be with the Lord on Friday

Thank you for your many kindnesses to our family as we made the move from big city to small town. We were a little rattled by the changes, but you, Mr. Farr, were one of the friendly faces that made it easier.

You and your lovely wife taught kindergarten Sunday School where my Kade came, shyly, a new kid in a new church in a new state, unsure and a little afraid. You made him feel welcomed.

You would come up to us as we all sat in the pew waiting for church to start. You would smile at us, say hello especially to Kade by name.

In fact, it was you who taught Kade how to fish at Camp Sonshine. Oh, how he loved to fish! It was what he wanted to do more swimming! It was what he looked forward to in going to camp more than anything else! And, guess what, Mr. Farr, he caught the biggest fish this summer! You couldn't be there to see it this year because you were so sick by then, but your absence was felt.

Now you are not sick at all. What a joy it must be to be in the very presence of God. Thank you, Mr. Farr, for quietly and faithfully serving your Maker and making an impact in the life of our family. We miss you, but we'll see you again!

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june Bostick said...

So sorry about Mr. Farr. But he is not sorry.

Don't you think this man knew that Jesus had offered him His great love and he knew he could show his gratitude by being a vessel of love in return?
Lord, we pray that we might make your praises sure by being vessels of love.