Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Keri Lynn, stop growing up!

Keri Lynn sports her new learner's permit, a cute new top and sweater-thing -- what are those short-waisted sweaters called? Keith thinks it's a jip!
And some cute flats! Nothing says "Ready for School" like a new outfit! Thank goodness for Target clearance racks!


Anonymous said...

Hello Jackie~
I am still schock from the time way back when I saw Keri Lynn in the baby swiming pool and now she has a learner's permit? Time should sit still for old foggies like me. I really enjoy the pictures that you post. I have a file going with all the captures that you post. Love them, Love them, and Love them.
In His Love

Jackie said...

I know, Rocio! There should be some kind of law!

Pete Wilson said...

Wow! What a great family picture. Just found your blog tonight and love it.