Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fourth Walk

We did it. Keith and I went on our fourth walk since we started the whole "get healthy" thing. We had some set-backs with thunderstorms and school starting, but now we're back on track.

Still no subbing jobs. I get to go on-line to check for jobs now, as opposed to waiting for the phone to ring. Coweta County is getting all fancified. : ) So far, I've logged on and get "No Jobs Available" in big black letters, which I suppose is a good thing really. It means the teachers are right where they're supposed to be.

I could get used to all the free time during the day with the kids in school, but that paycheck thing is kind of important. So hopefully I'll be working soon. Today, I took myself off to get a haircut. The lady that cut my hair has a son who has seven children, too. She used to be a biology teacher once upon a time. How she came to be at Great Clips after that, I didn't ask, but she did a nice job on my hair and I felt real comfortable talking with her. I hate small talk. Usually when I'm in the salon, I only talk if I have to. I'll often close my eyes and enjoy the feel of someone else working on my hair.

Speaking of hair, I think I'm going to have to start dying it soon. It was looking pretty glittery at the top, and not in a good way. Sigh. But, I was talking with a girlfriend who told me about a product that you work into your hair in the shower three times a week. That sounds so much easier and gentler on my hair than dying it. Anybody ladies out there reading this have any hair advice?

I also played Spades on for a while today -- so productive, I know, but at least the kids were at school instead of banging on my door yelling, "Mom! We're really hungry!" I'm playing a lot better now, but my laptop has been overheating lately, particularly if I play a video on it or go to a game site that uses a lot of memory. This isn't good when playing Spades because you play with a partner and suddenly I'm gone.

I'm going to really try to get to bed tonight before midnight. I keep forgetting that I have to wake up to get kids ready for school now. So far, though, it's been a pretty easy start for everyone. Keri Lynn has had a little geometery and literature homework, but other than that, it's just been me signing more papers.

So off I go! And be sure to post a comment! Except for a few comments here and there, the comment sections have been getting lonely.


Rosie : ) said...

I think only dye covers up white/gray hairs. I used to put a nice Henna in my hair, but now there are too many gray hairs to cover up (eep, at 30!).

My hairdresser gives me little highlights, which is better than a whole head dye, as the colour grows out better, not in a big chunky space.

Qtpies7 said...

I'm not looking forward to gray, but don't expect much of it. My mom is in her mid 50's and has little to none. Maybe it is a blond thing.
I would dye the whole thing, though, if I were getting them!

I can't believe people have already started school! We still have nearly a month left! They start September 2nd, I think.