Monday, August 25, 2008

First Accident

I figured Keri Lynn would be a pretty good driver. She's got a good head on her shoulders. She's careful and observant. She's responsible. She's in Driver's Ed this semester. She'll be eligible to get her driver's license in six months, since she's 17. The 15 and 16-year-olds have to wait a year.

Keith and I had both taken turns taking her out to drive. She drove to church several times. On Saturday, she drove to El Charro's where we had lunch. She seemed to be doing pretty good. Maybe a little shaky on the turns, but we were working on it.

So it came as kind of a shocker, when she pulled away from church yesterday after we'd both attended the women's luncheon, and side-swiped a parked car. Just creamed it.

Fortunately for us, the car belonged to a sweet family from church. We got a police report to send in to our insurance companies. Sally, the owner of the car, called her husband Rob to come over and help us with us. He told Keri Lynn that it wasn't anything like his first accident when he ran into a truck and made it overturn!

In fact, we got quite a few "first accident" stories from the many on-lookers going home from church. I told her mine, too. "Remember when I ran into a semi? This is nothing compared to that!"

"But Mom, I just made one little mistake and look what happened!"

And there's the rub in driving. All it takes is one little mistake.

Because we live in Small Town America, THREE police cars answered the call. Keri Lynn said she felt like a criminal seeing all the flashing lights! The policeman helping while the other one was writing the report asked her if she had been doing anything stupid.

Keri Lynn said, "Well, yeah! I just ran into a parked car!"

He said, "No, I don't mean that. I've seen stupid. This was just an accident." And then he and the other cop proceeded to tell their own "first accident" stories and what kind of cars they learned to drive in.

There were a lot of teen tears. The issue won't be resolved for a while. I don't know if her permit will be in danger or not. On Rob's insistence, Keri Lynn drove home. He said it was important for her to get back behind the wheel, so that's what we did.

And now you will see one of the many reasons why I love my husband so very much . . .

Keri Lynn pulled into the driveway and saw her Daddy coming to meet us at the end of the driveway. "Oh, boy," she said.

She got out to tell him that the damage was on the other side of the car, but he came and gave her a big hug of assurance and made sure she was all right.

That is a picture of a man.

She cried.

It wasn't until later, after she'd gone in to change to go to a discipleship group that night that Keith even bothered to look at the damage and ask me about the damage on the other car. "It actually isn't too bad," he told me. "It will be touch-up work for us."

I'm afraid that poor Sally's car won't fare as well. But, we're all glad that it wasn't more serious. No one is hurt. And Keri Lynn has learned an important lesson about the responsibility of driving.


danny Wing said...

How about this one... I ran into a brand new Porsche from behind and he then slid under a new pick-up truck. All I remember is seeing around the license plate in big bold letters, "USC LAW, ALUMNI!" That is just one of many crash stories I could tell you about. Don't feel to bad Keri Lynn, we have all been there!

Uncle Danny

Jackie said...

Sorry to hear about the accident! I'm glad no one was hurt!
I ran the family car into a telephone pole, making a right turn when the stoplight was green (green means go, right? So you don't have to slow down, right?). I would have made the turn if my dad had left me alone. (He was trying to get the wheel to go straight and I was fighting to make the turn.) I wouldn't have stayed on the road, but I would have made the turn! Dad got freaked out watching the telephone pole coming straight at him for some reason. It messed up the front driver's side panel and broke the headlight. I had driver's ed the next morning and I didn't drive over 25! It drove Mr. Parker nuts! He finally had me pull over and change with the next person. It doesn't top your semi story, though.


Waynel said...

Let's see. . .Keri Lynn. . .I never had an accident in Latin America, with your mom in the backseat without anything called "seat belts", where driving was like taking your life in your hands every time you started out on those one-lane roads, (going both ways), and curving around mountains, sliding down muddy roads, even with four wheel traction, along an embankment that was appropriately called, "The Hole of the Dead". . .however, here in the USA I have had a total count of, ready for this??? SIX accidents, leaving 4 cars totaled. The worst was the one when I was just your age, the last day of school and I was driving my boyfriend's car to school. . .the very last day. . .when the car in front of me seemed to be going too slow, so I decided to go around it. Just as I got almost even with the car, that girl turned left into my boyfriend's car, totalling a new black Buick. Yes, the sign of a good man is "Are you ok?" Bless Keith. Thank you, LORD JESUS, that Keri Lynn is OK. Bless her as she continues living for You and may some real good come out of this experience. We love You, Lord. From Grandma

Qtpies7 said...

Awww, you made me cry!
Kaytlin had her first accident while still having her permit. She didn't lose it or anything. She sort of caused a semi to rear end her. And it was sort of my fault too. Long story. But we both had such minimal damage that it didn't go to insurance. Donnie covered the hole in the bumper (from his HOOK) with a bumper sticker, lol.

We both have great dad's for our kids.

Rachel said...

Stopping by to say RIGHT ON with your comment on Los's website =)

june Bostick said...

Elliot hit a large flat bed while trying to get on the freeway so he could follow my brother's car. We were heading out on vacation. We had to find a Chevy dealer to replace the driver's side rear view mirror. The truck lost a side reflector.Phew.

Jackie said...

I've been telling Keri Lynn all the stories from friends and family about their accidents, but all she says is, "Well, that makes me feel a little better, but I just feel so BAD!" Poor thing! She's a trooper, though. She's been wanting to get back behind the wheel to get better. Her Driver's Ed teacher even told her that she's improved. Yay, Keri Lynn!