Thursday, March 01, 2007


The weatherman definitely has a serious job here in Georgia. No Johnny Mountain glamor job here. I get my first weather report from Keva's bus driver. Sometimes, she gives me a traffic report, too, so that Keith can avoid bad freeway happenings. Today, Kelly told me that there's a serious thunderstorm coming in by the afternoon. Already, as I put Keva on the bus, the skies were ominously dark. And sure enough, when I turned on The Weather Channel, I pretty much surmised that I was NOT going on a walk today.

We'll be going to the library this morning instead of after lunch to avoid the weather. We're going to throw off the library staff completely, marching in there so early, but I guess they'll manage.

Yesterday was the usual busy Wednesday with a twist. I went to Joy's baby shower after Bible study with FINISHED baby blanket in hand.

I finished the last row of the edging that morning, looked at my watch and decided that I had just enough time to make a little matching cap. (I always work well under pressure -- Idiot that I am!) Anyway, I factored in hair/make-up, gathering up everything, last minute instructions to the kids, etc. to the last minute. Kathleen made a cute card for the blanket and picked out a gift bag. Keri Lynn took pictures of the finished project and folded it into the bag. In fact, I was quite pleased with myself, until I tried to plug in my hair dryer, while standing in the bathroom sopping wet, mousse all over my hair and failed electrical outlets in bathroom and bedroom. Finally, two hair dryers later, I was drying my hair out in the kitchen, watching that precious time tick away. I hate to be late!

I managed to get to Bible study just in time anyway. And the shower was a lot of fun. Shannon made a delicious chicken salad that we ate with crescents. Delectable treats to dip in chocolate. Those cute little square cakes -- what are they called? It was all delicious. Joy opened up presents after we ate, and I've never seen so many adorable monogrammed little girl clothes and accessories in all my life! She loved my blanket and I loved making it. It is a great joy to make something for a little one coming into the world.

Keith has been working overtime all week this week. We need the money, but I sure do miss him. When he's gone, I'm the one who goes around "battening down the hatches" at night. Was the garage door closed? All lights off and doors locked? Lately, it's been an extra challenge. Keva's decided that she likes to flip her light back on after she's been put to bed. I had been going back in, telling her sternly to get back to bed and turning her lights off again. It's hopeless. The minute I've left the room, she's gotten up and turned her light on again. I've now been trained to wait until she's asleep. After a while, when I know she's truly fallen asleep, I go in and turn off her light and all is peaceful again.

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