Friday, March 09, 2007

A Blue Convertible

A bouquet of our most beautiful weeds, presented by Kathleen, Kylie and Annie. Aren't they precious! Spring time is in the air. The trees are starting to bud. Daffodils are coming up. Keri Lynn says daffodils make her feel CHEERY!
Keri Lynn writing her book.
She does not like to have her pictured taken.
Kade proudly displays his collection of basketball shorts. If it's not too cold (and sometimes when it IS too cold) he wears a pair of basketball shorts EVERY day.
Konner, wearing his orphan clothes. That kid has a knack for finding the smallest clothes with the most stains and rips.

It's weird to think about the kids getting older, but it's happening. In fact, I feel my age every time I turn around. The only time I feel remotely younger is when I look at little Konner's face. Perhaps that is why the youngest child of a family is usually so spoiled. Mom trying desperately to hold on to her youth!

We got back from the library yesterday and kids disappeared left and right to read their library treasures. Kristofer has discovered the Redwall series. He got the first couple of books on CD and listened raptly. Kathleen found book three of a series she's been reading on the shelves. We'd requested this book months ago, but the last patron who'd checked it out had never returned it. So they bought a new one but neglected to tell us when it came in. Kathleen was so thrilled to get it that she didn't want it mixing with any of the other books. She just held on to it herself all the way home. I got the first of the Mark of the Lion series finally, but am hesitating to start it until I get the second book in my hot little hands. Keri Lynn had her usual pile of books as well, but she's been in a writing mood lately, scribbling away at her story all week this week. She was so involved at one point that she looked up from her work as I was setting lunch on the table to tell me that she felt like crying after writing about a touching reunion. Good grief, she's a lot like me.

I went around for years during junior high and high school with a stack of papers that was my book. Great visions of bestseller turned blockbuster movie. Starring some of my favorite TV crushes. Richard Hatch. Sean Cassidy. Sigh! Maybe that bestseller is still in my future!

Speaking of crushes, word is out that Kristofer has a crush on a girl at church. It finally happened. He has finally quit making gagging noises every time someone mentions love or kissing or marriage. He and Keri Lynn were sitting in the truck waiting for Keith to take them home on Wednesday night, when Keri Lynn observed her brother watching a girl walk out of the Warehouse (where the youth meet) and down the street. He watched her with craned neck until she was out of sight, while Keri Lynn burst into streams of laughter. She told him she wouldn't spill the beans, but she did give him a nice big sister talk about boys and girls and dating which I'M SURE he appreciated!

In a space of about five minutes yesterday, I took two calls from moms in the neighborhood asking for Keri Lynn to babysit. She babysat yesterday for a new family and she's due to babysit again tonight. If she builds up her clientele just a little more, she won't need a part-time job to get that car she so desperately wants. That kid is loaded!

We were driving somewhere when all of the boys in the car launched into a discussion about cars. Kristofer asked Konner what kind of car he'd like to buy, while I thought to myself, "How could my baby ever have a particular car in mind! He's too young!"

Konner: (Says with quick decisiveness) I want a blue convertible! (Mom having trouble with her baby knowing what blue is, let alone a convertible -- sad, I know!)

Kade: I think, (big momentous pause) maybe a Ferrari.

Kristofer: A Ferrari is, like, two million dollars, Kade ! (disgust in his voice about Kade's materialism).

Me: Are you sure, Sweetie? That sounds like a lot. (But really, I have no idea how much a Ferrari is, but I'm guessing NOT in the millions.)

Kristofer: I don't know, maybe 200K. But I want a sports car! I want a little car. (I'm thinking maybe a 15-passenger van isn't his idea of a cool car.)

Today, we'll be going to the Homeschool Park day. The two kids that are Keri Lynn and Kristofer's age are supposed to be there again. I was so impressed particularly with Caitlyn, the girl. She had a beautiful smile and a sweet disposition that I thought would be a perfect fit for Keri Lynn. Please pray for this friendship to blossom!

There's another girl that will be moving into our neighborhood soon that might be a good friend for Keri Lynn as well. The new youth pastor and his family have contracted for a house here in the development, too, and they have a daughter a year younger than Keri Lynn. You might remember that I mentioned that our senior pastor and his family should be moving down the road some time in May. They have a son that's Kristofer's age. They've hit it off very well.
When Brian, the youth pastor, candidated for the position, he told the youth group and parents about the crazy practical jokes his youth group had played on him. So I mentioned to the kids, when I heard they would be moving to our development, that supplies for practical jokes could be stored in our basement! Keri Lynn was aghast, "Mom, what if he thinks I had anything to do with it!" And I said, "Look at your innocent face! It's PERFECT!"

So if any of you have any ideas for great non-destructive practical jokes??? I was thinking of one that Kent did in college. Something about little Dixie cups filled with water, was it? Lining every square inch of the professor's office. That's just classic.

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