Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Kings come for a visit

We had to keep Kody in the basement or on the deck while all of the painting was going on. He always had to be right in the middle of all the action. However, black labrador hairs and paint really don't go well together.

Here are all our cute kids, in order by age: Gretchen, Konner, Kade, Kylie, Kathleen, Kurt, Keva (directly behind Kurt), Kristofer, Gretchen, Karl and Keri Lynn.

Before . . .

During . . . (Please note the grunge along the walls from dirty hands that is about to be painted over!)
And AFTER! Yippee! We're done! We are the Queens of the World! Ginny and I.

The girls picked the moms some beautiful wild flowers that we thought really went well with the lime green paint.

Kathleen and Gretchen made a picnic lunch out on the driveway. A good time was had by all.

Here's another angle of the line-up. This time Kurt is blocked by Kathleen, but you can see Keva. I especially love Keva's face in this picture. She is grinning from ear to ear. She's probably thinking of the brown paint she scooped into her mouth with a paint brush right as we were beginning the hallway. I had to call Poison Control, but fortunately, latex paint is not majorly harmful. I was told to give her milk and something to eat and expect a little upset stomach and/or diarrhea.

This is Ginny at work on Friday, when we finished painting the kitchen. We used nearly every drop of the first gallon and still only used about a quarter of the second gallon. That paint was good stuff.

Say "Cheese", Ginny!

The older boys played Monopoly Here and Now.

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