Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pageant Times

The Kings left about an hour ago. Keith left with the four kids to the second night of the Easter Pageant. And Kade and Konner left to go play at a friends' house. That leaves me, Keva and Kody. It's so nice and QUIET! I think I like it! I'm going to have to go turn down the air conditioning. All of those bodies out of the house are making the house too cold right now!

On the "electric lime" pant color, Keith made me laugh out loud yesterday when he told me, "Okay, now, don't get excited, but when I stand over here and look at it from this angle, with the white cabinets, I kind of like the paint color."

I was so very pleased.

Ginny and I then asked him what his ideas were for the hallway that we wanted to paint while she was still with us to help paint. She could buy one more gallon of paint with the budget she and Kerry had set aside as our housewarming gift. One more gallon. One or two hallways! A whole lot of fingerprints and dirt cover-up!

After much consideration, Keith decided on blue in the family room to go with the palette I'd decided on for the living room and dining room. It wasn't my first choice, but it certainly wasn't my last choice either. From there, we decided on brown for the hallway. So last night, on the way to the Pageant, Ginny and I picked up the paint. And today, before she left, we finished the hallway coming from the garage into the family room. It looks beautiful. I think I may use the same brown, or I should say "Sensational Sand", in the foyer to blend the red in the dining room and the yellow in the living room.

I'm dying to paint the rest of the house, but we have to save up for more paint! So, progress will slow for a while, as I get back to other responsibilities in my life that I've avoided all week like laundry and school!

Last night's Easter Pageant went really well. I cried when the kids came running down the aisle yelling, "Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming!" And I cried as Jesus healed the blind man, the woman who touched the hem of his garment, the dead girl, the crippled boy . . . It was just such a beautiful presentation of the gospel.

The ones involved in the Pageant came home with their stage make-up plastered on their faces. Keith batted his eyelashes and said, "Is it me or is it Maybeline?" Kylie wanted to keep hers on so they wouldn't have to put it on all over again the next night. Everyone was full of funny stories and adrenaline.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. Keith and I will join the kids in a walk around the town square carrying palms in celebration of Jesus' entry to Jerusalem. The Easter Pageant participants will be in costume at this time and then we'll all go back to see the Sunday morning Pageant. What an exciting time of year!

1 comment: said...

Beautiful website, Jackie!
I love the "lineup" of the kids ... they all look so WILLING for this picture. How is that possible with 6 kids??

The green paint is fabulous! My kitchen color is a *tiny* bit more subdued than yours, but not by much.

Happy Palm Sunday!

Love, Connie