Thursday, March 15, 2007

19 pounds down!

My diet and exercise regime is going okay, I guess. I'm down one more pound this week which is not exactly the WOW factor I was going for, but still, I think 19 pounds in six weeks isn't bad, really! I'm feeling better and looking better. I just have to step it up a little bit more. Earlier on, I thought perhaps I could lose it all by the end of summer, but now I'm thinking more realistically and more life-changingly (Is that a word?!)

I don't ever want to eat like a glutton again. I keep eating in smaller healthier amounts and I keep moving, I'll be healthier. Period.

The rain coming in today may jeopardize my walk.

We're on the way to the library in a few minutes and then, since it's payday, and because Keri Lynn is twisting my arm (OWWW, Owww-owww-oww!), we may go to El Charro's for lunch -- the whole lot of us. We deserve a break today! In celebration of my ONE pound. : ) Seriously, though, I'll be eating chips and salsa and about half of my lunch and saving the rest for tomorrow. (This is Grandma's input for restaurant eating: Eat half and take the rest home.)

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