Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Mom is the Best!

As I got ready for Bible study this morning, I was cleaning out my bag and found . . . a tooth. Not my tooth, but definitely one of my kids' baby teeth. And I couldn't very well yell out, "Guess what I found in my bag!" and crush someone's Tooth Fairy dreams. So I quietly dropped it into the trash.

As I ran out the door -- late as usual -- Kathleen gave me a rolled up piece of paper and told me not to read it until I got into the car. This is what the paper said:

My Mom is the Best!

My Mom is the best.
Without a Mom there'd be no rest.
There'd be no east or west.
There'd be a mess.
That's how I know my Mom is the BEST!

Isn't that precious! This is why I'm so glad I have email and a blog to keep these kind of things for posterity.

When I got back from yet another wonderful Revelation lesson, Keva's teacher gave me a call shortly after lunch time to let me know that Keva was running a slight fever and was not eating. Her lunch was pork and beans -- a favorite -- so something's up with my girl. So I brought her home and she's resting. Hopefully she doesn't have Keith's "fun" from Saturday.

I'm vacillating between putting another load of laundry into the washing machine and taking a nap. I've been getting to bed after midnight all week, and it's starting to wear on me. Nap. Is. Winning.

Keith has been diligently working overtime this week as we try to creep back out of some financial crunch. All this week, he's come home and worked with Kristofer on putting together a computer. It warms this mother's heart to see the two heads bent together peering into the innards of a computer, talking about electronic machinations WAY over my head. They've continued working late into the night.

Kylie was sighing to me earlier today that she wished she could go to Hollywood. I guess she was thinking of the glamor of American Idol. We all watched last night, of course. I had to laugh out loud and told her that we could easily see the Hollywood sign from our old house. Did she not remember? But I guess living near the Hollywood sign and "going to Hollywood" are not quite the same thing.

My favorite singers on American Idol this week (for those of you who care!) are:

Melinda: Who wouldn't like her! She's adorable. I love the way her eyes sparkle. She feels every note of music and helps you feel it, too.

Blake: He sang his song with loads of emotion. I was impressed this week.

Chris Sligh: He seemed to understand this week's genre. I also got a big kick out of the signs out in the audience "Bringing Back Chubby!" and "'Fro Patrol!"

Who I didn't like:

LaKisha: But only this week. She usually hits it out of the park, but this time, her voice sounded weird in parts and the song itself, I felt, was boring.

Hailey: Inappropriate attire.

Who surprised me:

Sanjaya: I actually thought he did okay this time. He's still not even close to the same league as the others, but I predict he will definitely stick around for another week because of the teen girl vote.

On to other things.

Keith decided to help me feel better about running into the garage two times, and backed the van into it himself. He banged it back into place and it still runs on the track . . . barely.

Two more Polly Pockets met their demise in the gruesome jaws of Kody. This time, the Polly Pockets belonged to Kathleen. I could hear her keening from the other side of the house and just knew something terrible had happened. That dog LOVES to chew on those little plastic bodies. Kathleen, though, is a very good dog owner (and currently my favorite child). Kidding! I told her how proud I was of her that an hour later, she still thought to take Kody out for a potty break and then a walk, even after he'd done such a terrible thing. She did admit to me that she felt like belting him, but knew that she shouldn't.

Running out of time for a nap. Drat!

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