Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Beautiful Spring

And the trees keep blooming. Our little maple saplings in the front are starting to get their leaves again. I don't know if it's the dogwood trees, but there are these gorgeous trees that are just exploding in white. It looks like someone came around and sprayed them with that fake snow that is sprayed on Christmas trees. There are a few purple trees just starting to bloom, too. Don't you love my amazing knowledge of flora and fauna? Gag!

I've been taking antihistamine to fight a constant irritated throat as pollen season comes in at full throttle. That's the down side of spring. I'm going to have to get a little advice from my doctor, because I think the antihistamine is making my blood pressure go up. My blood pressure should be fine with weight going down and regular exercise, but it's not.

This afternoon, I came home from Bible study and just felt wiped out. I just stood in the kitchen and stared at the dishes that the kids had assiduously avoided. I finally decided to take a nap and, even though I had a dozen interruptions, I still managed to get some rest and felt 100 percent better afterward. I think I was just tired from that CURSED Daylight Savings Time. I love the extra daylight in the evenings, but I HATE getting up when it's pitch dark. It takes at least a month for my body to get used to the change. A Mama needs her rest!

Everyone in our family involved in the upcoming Easter Pageant now has their costumes. Kristofer was modeling his costume as part of the Wisemen's entourage. Kathleen and Kylie pop up in their costumes throughout the day, too. They are part of the group of children that come to Jesus. Two Sundays ago, everyone got magnetic-style stick-ons to put on our cars with the Easter Pageant information on it. The only problem is that we need to clean a little square spot on our van to put it on and haven't done that yet. Our car is a MESS right now. I'm embarrassed to drive around in it, let alone advertise the Easter Pageant with it. I guess I should make cleaning up the car a job for us to work on tomorrow!

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