Monday, March 12, 2007

Backyard Trees in Winter

Here are the maples that we have yet to plant, mainly because the land toward the back of our lot has a lot of construction materials plowed under it. Most of these trees are still good, and maybe we'll be able to plant a few more before spring is in full bloom.

Kathleen plays Vanna, next to one of the five trees my Mom and Rich got for us on their last visit in November.
Here's our Christmas trees, well past its glory days, waiting to be carved up into delicious firewood. Keith especially likes pine wood for the fireplace because it spits and sparks with its pine resin.

Here is the row of maples that Kristofer planted over the course of several months. Some of them are just now starting to get their leaves and it looks like all of them are amazingly still alive!
Kathleen poses in front of one of Mom and Rich's trees. Behind her is another one that is just starting to bud! We think these are healthy, too, inspite of the huge rain and wind storm that came through the night they were planted.

This is a cherry blossom tree at the far corner of the property. It's grown taller since it's been planted! We're hoping for some nice shade from this one.

I took this picture from the very back of the property looking toward the back of our house. I rarely make a trek back there. Usually my perspective is from the safety of the deck. The kids play a lot in the back, though. They are constantly making forts with the fallen logs. As you can see, the landscaping still has a lot to be desired, but as the trees grow, so should more brush and grass. Little by little. We are blessed.

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