Monday, February 26, 2007

Cleaning Frenzy

I'm bushed. The kids and I had an exceptional day of CLEANING. The house sure did get messy in our week of laying around doing nothing. Surprising, I know. Nevertheless, we cleaned and organized like there was no tomorrow.

Keith had installed some shelving for me in the family room, but I had not moved the old bookcase away. Instead, books were lying all around causing upheaval and disarray. Today, I finally decided where I wanted the old bookcase to go and then Keri Lynn helped me organize the books and put them away. School books, kids' books, adult books, pretty books, ratty but loved books are all now in their places.

We had our Bible time at 11:00 like we usually do. Got in a little history, too, and flashcards, but that was all the scholastic endeavor done for the day. Otherwise, it was clean, clean, clean.

Then, at 4:00, I got Keva from the bus. She's looking exceptionally cute lately sporting a new haircut I gave her Saturday night. (I'm posting a picture on the blog in the next day or two, so go see!) It's the one haircut that I do for all of the girls, but on different heads it comes out looking different. For Keva especially, since she doesn't exactly stay still for me, haircuts are a challenge. Usually I snip and pray that I don't cut her ear off. At any rate, she looks awfully cute and stylish -- a new 'do for the new 12 year old.

After bringing Keva into the house, I went on my walk. I've been going at about 4:00 every weekday lately. It seems to be a good time. I'm done with school by then, and just gearing up to make dinner. That gets me home in time to start dinner and serve by 6:00, because, as you know, EVERYONE is STARVING. Konner was in tears, he was so hungry. Good grief!

Keith is still at work tonight as he puts in some more overtime. It's nose-to-the-grindstone for him. I'm hoping that coming home to a relatively clean house will help. I've noticed that the house is smelling more doggie lately, though. This is not good news for Kody in that Keith wants him back out as an outside dog when we've got our fence completed. At the rate we're going building the fence, Kody may not have anything to worry about, but I've sure enjoyed having Kody inside, messes and all.

Anybody have any ideas for keeping doggy smells out? My steam cleaner is on its last legs these days. We used it until it couldn't be used anymore. First the shampoo bottle that connects to the water tank fell off. That's the shampoo bottle that says "DO NOT REMOVE FROM TANK UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH!" (or something like that.) Then, the tank itself starting leaking occasionally. Then, Kody -- Dear Soul -- ate up a piece of the cord. (It's a wonder he didn't electrocute himself.) Then, the rollers stopped operating. Last, but not least, it started leaking like a sieve -- water coming out nearly as fast as I was putting it in. That's the last time I've used it.

Anyway, it's the steam cleaner that helps the house smell less doggy. And now I'm not sure what I'm going to do, particularly if I've got a run-away Kody or Keva mess. Makes me shudder to think about it.

I've got Febreeze. That seems to help temporarily. And I'm trying to vacuum more frequently. Doggy hairs are everywhere. This is not good when one has a black-haired stinky dog.

On a very positive note, I'd like to report that I made an error in figuring out my weight loss last week. I was ten pounds off somehow in an embarrassing miscalculation reading my scale. I lost three more pounds this last week, but then gained it back over the weekend. Nevertheless, my total weight loss so far is 16 POUNDS! I've already noticed some big changes in my energy level and attitude. I'm highly motivated to keep melting those pounds away.

When we were cleaning today, the kids found a group picture from Keith's high school from 1982, a year before he graduated. It was really funny to get the kids' perspective on this picture. First of all, it was a huge picture from Gardena High School. I'd venture to guess there were about 1200 kids? We had a time just finding Keith in the clamor. The kids were fascinated with the 80s clothes and hair. I pointed out the polo shirts, vans and feathered hair. (Kathleen particularly was aghast at the style.) Secondly, what cracked me up the most, was that the all of the kids (with the exception of Keri Lynn) wanted to know where I was sitting. Isn't that cute? They just assumed that since Daddy was in the picture, than I should be there, too, regardless of whether or not we even knew each other then.

Speaking of Daddy, Keith was brave enough to take Keri Lynn out driving yesterday. They went off to the back of the development. A perfect place to practice. I told Keri Lynn that she better bring back her Daddy in one piece, please, and that I was staying off the roads. Keith reported that she did very well. Only rode the curb once. : ) She said that it was a little harder than she thought it would be. It's so very strange to have a kid driving. OLD PEOPLE have kids that can drive, not me! I'm in a state of denial.

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