Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spring Break

Keith brought home some dry ice to play with. The kids had a great time! The last chunk, Keith put in the kids bathroom and made sure no one stayed in there with the door closed! I'm not sure who had more fun -- the kids or Keith.

The gas from dry ice is heavier than oxygen and thus spreads along the floor.

Konner dressed himself on this day. He usually goes about in a haze of dirt. Note yet another scrape on his forehead.

We are on vacation from school this week. Our county has two separate weeks of Spring Break, and this is one of them. The other is the first week of April and then we're done with school by the end of May.

Even though I get very little done on vacation, I sure do enjoy it when it comes around. Guilt free when we don't do any school work. Getting out of bed at 9:00 or 10:00. Being able to watch TV and get to bed late. Working on household chores at a nice leisurely pace without worrying about having time for the next item on the Need to Get Done agenda. Working on fun time-consuming projects like a baby crochet blanket.

When I'm off like this, I don't get to my computer as often. Plus, Keith, not wanting to deal with American Idol, holes himself up in the bedroom and watches DVDs on the computer. Poor guy!

Keri Lynn, Kathleen and I watched American Idol last night. Wow, there sure are some talented voices. Can't wait to watch tonight.

Keri Lynn is finally getting better, but not after she had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. She was already starting to feel the affects of a flu bug with fever and chills and a general feeling of misery ON TOP OF HER COLD as we were coming home from the doctor. So I wasn't surprised when she threw up during the night and had rosy feverish cheeks the next morning. What I was surprised about was the redness that she had all over her torso by mid morning. Flu and an allergic reaction. So, off she went from THAT medication and is now finally starting to feel a whole lot better, but not before Kody decided to snatch her top retainers from it's resting spot on the bar at lunch yesterday. That dog is toast! I'm going to have him for lunch myself, I'm so mad at him.

I need to call the orthodontist today and find out what it will cost to replace the retainer. I shudder at the thought. She's supposed to go back to California for x-rays to see how her teeth are coming along post-braces, but that's not for another few weeks. I don't know why Kody couldn't have chewed up her bottom retainers instead!

With Keri Lynn on the upswing, everyone is now finally better. Konner has his chronic runny nose, but that's a given. Everyone is feeling so much better, in fact, that I granted permission for sleepovers. Kristofer and Kathleen each have a friend coming over. Sleepovers are pretty easy for me, especially when the kids have their own TVs to watch movies in their rooms. All I need to do is make dinner to feed the minions and provide lots of POPCORN!

We found out last weekend that our new pastor and his family signed papers for a house right here in our development! They stopped by to say hello and I was OH SO GLAD that I'd cleaned the house earlier that day! Anyway, they have the same floor plan, without a basement, and will live just down the street and down a cul-de-sac. They have two sons, the older one the same age as Kristofer. Stape and Kristofer hit it off right away when they came to candidate, so Kristofer is especially thrilled to have them.

That makes four families from our church here in our neighborhood.

As for my diet, last week was flat-line. At least I didn't GAIN any weight, but I didn't LOSE any weight either. I found myself standing in weird positions on my scale to see if I could get a different number! Part of it was not being able to walk. It was so cold last week! This week, though, it's been very comfortable. I've been walking steadily since Monday and, even though it's raining, I think I may be able to put in my time today, too. The walking makes a big difference. Keri Lynn was telling me that she thought I had more energy since I've been on my diet, and it's true. The house is cleaner and the laundry hasn't overtaken anyone, and I have a general sense of good will! The true test will be when hormones take over for about three or four days. : )

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