Friday, October 05, 2007

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles

I love Fridays. They are becoming more and more beautiful as the weeks of public school progress. The kids start relaxing a little more, and we head into an honest-to-goodness weekend. This Monday will be a teacher work day, so we have a three day weekend. Yippee!

Yesterday, I called the warranty line about our dual plumbing leaks in both bathrooms. They told me he'd be there the next day between 11:00 and 2:00. Imagine that! Not between 7:00 and 5:00, like the washer repair guy. And guess what! He came at 11:30! I'm not kidding. He really did! And guess what else? He was finished by 12:30. No, I'm being perfectly serious. One hour. All repairs made. No parts that needed to be ordered. No second visit that needed to be scheduled. I'm in shock.

Of course, the drywall damage is no longer covered by warranty, so that's another rather big issue that will have to be addressed at a later date, but we can now use both upstairs and downstairs bathrooms without leaking into the kitchen or basement. Amazing, I know. I also got my sink faucet fixed. It has, for the nearly two years we've been here, had the hot and cold faucets reversed, which, of course, plays havoc with my poor little half-dyslexic brain. Now I'm going to have to retrain my brain so that it understands that the hot water is not coming from the hot side and the cold water is now coming from the cold side.

While the plumber was here, though, I went through all kinds of embarrassing thoughts and anxieties. This is common for me whenever a repair person comes. They usually have to come into or through the master bedroom, which is in dire need of organization. Sometimes they have to go upstairs, which is occupied by two incredibly messy boys, one fairly neat boy teen and one incredibly neat girl teen. And when the repair person is going through the house, that's when I see the house through the eyes of a stranger.

What are they thinking?

What is that smell? How many dogs do they have, anyway? Are toy boxes forbidden? Why is there one room painted bright green and the others painted "children's fingerprints"? Hmm, what's for lunch? Time for them to replace the carpet! This is a NEW house?

But now that the plumber is gone, I fall back into my old ways and go to my computer and blog happily away. It's good to be home.


Qtpies7 said...

Oh my gosh! We are so alike! LOL But I think my house is way worse. I am in dire need of TNT for my basement, but I HAD to let the repair guy in there, even though it meant walking side-ways through there to get to the dryer. Our staircase is really, really narrow, so everything has to go through a cellar door. But the cellar door doesn't have stairs. Or a door. It is a board nailed to cement that we have to pull off, and... well, anyways, it is difficult. So to get the fridge upstairs we had to move two washer that do not work, and they got left there because the guys were tired from trying to get the big fridge out of the kitchen and the old one out of the basement and into the kitchen.
Plus, we've had some leaking issues and the basement is just a big, giant disaster area. With a very messy teen living in it. With no bedroom walls.
Ok, I'm done confessing now.
I didn't say that.

Jackie said...

Oh, Lisa, you are TOO funny.