Monday, October 15, 2007

Left brain/right brain

I found this link absolutely fascinating. Take the test . . .

Is the dancer twirling clockwise or counter clockwise? Apparently, most people see her dancing counter clockwise.


jennifer said...

I tried and tried but I am not most people, as I could only see her dance clockwise!

ALas still proven to be *different*

Jackie said...

I see her dancing clockwise, too. Keri Lynn took one look at her and she was dancing counter-clockwise, and then she said, "Oh, wait! She switched over!" Kathleen: clockwise. And then the three of us spent nearly 30 minutes trying to get her to go counter-clockwise. Kathleen finally said, "I did it! That's just freaky! Look, if you turn your head so that you're looking at her almost upside down, she starts spinning the other way!" It's true. I tipped my head sideways and looked at her from another angle, and the optical illusion worked counter-clockwise, but only for a few seconds before my brain switched it right back to clockwise again. God has made an amazing thing -- the brain.