Monday, October 15, 2007


Yesterday, Kylie and Kade were baptized. I was glad to keep busy seeing to their needs as they got into their baptismal clothes. The pastor had already gone over how they were each to come down, where they were to put their hands, what they would say, and how he'd dunk them. One other little seven-year-old girl got baptized along with them. They were so sweet looking down the short hallway that led to the baptismal pool.

The church provides a sort of water-proof white jumpsuit. It looks like a robe, but the legs keep the garment from ballooning above the water.

I rushed back to the church and went all the way around so as not to distract coming in through one of the side front doors and found my seat next to Keith and the rest of the family. Then we stood and I snapped pictures, again glad to be busy so that I wouldn't blubber like a baby.

The pastor asked each child, "What is your profession of faith?"

And they each answered, "Jesus is Lord."

I have The Ugly Cry and sure do hate to cry in front of people, so kept my attention on how sweet they each looked and how nervous the other little girl looked as she anticipated going down under the water.

Then, afterwards, I went out with the other mother to retrieve back to the rest of the service.

After the service and many congratulations, we went out to El Charro's. It was the first time we'd gone out to eat as an entire family in a very long time. It was a lovely treat. We gorged ourselves on chips and salsa and El Charro's specials! Mmmm-mmmmm! Then we rolled right on out of there and back home.

Lord, bless our children. Keep Kylie and Kade close to Your heart. May they continually seek You in all that they do.

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Qtpies7 said...

Yeah! It is so amazing to see our children baptized.

I'll keep praying for your finances. I know just how hard it is. Ours will be working out, but it will still take some time. We are on the way though. Faith, it will happen and God will see you through it.