Monday, October 29, 2007

Don't steal!

This morning, we all went off to church as usual, but three of the girls went with their hair newly trimmed or cut. Keva's hair got chopped last night spur of the moment. I love my one cut that I do for her. (The other girls won't let me cut their hair in that cute pixie style anymore -- boo-hoo!)

I left after the first hour of church to go to my job orientation at Ross. There was one other customer service person who will be working full time, four stockroom workers and me (the part-time seasonal person.) We all watched a video on how great Ross is and how if anyone even thinks about stealing from Ross, they will be taken out to the back of the building and shot. (Kidding . . . totally kidding!)

Then, we filled out a tree's worth of paperwork. Do you know how long it's been since I've filled out a W-4 for myself? : ) I now have my own employee number, my employee discount card, and my schedule for this week -- Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00 - 6:00 PM and Saturday 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. I counted out on my fingers and figured out that it's 15 hours. I'm really planning on the WOW factor, as in, "Wow! That girl can work HARD! Give her some more hours!"

The manager would like to start me out in the morning at 8:00 before the store opens to count the drawers (since I'm so good at finger counting) and then move on into customer service. First, she says, I need to get used to customer service, thus the afternoon hours to start with.

I like the front end leads that are directly over me. They were very encouraging and eager to make us all feel welcomed. In fact, the management in general seemed very friendly and ready to work hard for the company.

I've come to learn that most of the retail places hire their employees at part-time hours and that most everyone with part-time hours works some other part-time job, just like I'm planning to do. I think it will be easier for me, at this point, to get another job now that I'm actually employed! Plus, I've got a few names to drop now that I didn't have last week when I go back to Target and Dillards.

Now the trick will be NOT to buy clothes while working at Ross until we're back on our feet financially. I think it's kind of neat, though, to be at a place that can help get me out of my Mom Clothes for a more professional look as I do move toward teacher certification. And it's also pretty funny that most of what I own right now comes from Ross anyway. : ) I found out from the orientation video that Ross actually started off in California. The store here in Newnan is only about four years old.

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jennifer said...

Seven kids a house a dog and they wonder if you can handle customer service???lol

You will move quickly to more hours I am sure. And I think a few mom outfits to set you up in the working world are fine!!

I am excited for you guys!