Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Application Binge

My application for substitute teacher didn't get processed in time for tomorrow's training class, so I have to wait until November 28 for the next one. That is assuming I get accepted at all, which at this state of the game, I'm beginning to wonder. Over four solid weeks of job hunting and I'm feeling emotionally and physically frazzled. I figured I'd at least have a temporary job by now, and I've now applied to an innumerable list of seasonal retail jobs just to get paid for SOMETHING!

I stopped by Target today to check on my application and the lady that had been there before when I applied was there again. She was very sweet and told me that it usually takes a week or two to go through an application, and not to lose hope! Then she mentioned that Kohls was accepting applications, too. So, today I applied at Hallmark (along with two cute young things -- can you see me rolling my eyes?), BJs, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Kohls. Babies R Us and Old Navy require on-line applications, so not holding my breath with those!

Tomorrow, I'm going to stop by Family Social Services, even though I applied for a couple of jobs through a government website there. I figure it wouldn't hurt to show my face and see if they have real paper applications for someone with a BA in psychology. Then, I'm going to go back to the retail stores and continue my application binge. SOMEONE has got to hire me, right? I also am going to ask a neighbor about an assembly line job at our local Yamaha plant. She's a manager there. I know they're hiring and it might be just the thing for something temporary.

I have a few other ideas to follow up on, too, but if I keep on listing these things, I will only have my Mom reading the end of this post. (Love you, Mom!)

I probably shouldn't sent this at 9:30 at night when I'm tired because I know I'm sounding really whiny, but it is the true state of my feelings. And you all know by now how I like to just lay it all out. All the gory details. Right, Mom? : )

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