Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The question of Halloween

Yesterday, one of the neighbor kids asked me about Halloween.

"Why don't you celebrate Halloween?"

I looked at her and thought a minute. Could I help her understand without hurting her feelings?

"Well, what comes to mind when you think about Halloween?"

"CANDY!" She says with glee.

"Okay, besides candy. What images come to your mind that represent Halloween?"


"What else?"

"Scary things. Ghosts, goblins, graveyards."

"What else?"

"Spells, haunted houses . . ."

I paused for a minute and just looked at her, then said, "Did you notice that not once did you say rainbows and pretty clouds and nice things? They were all yucky things. That's why we don't celebrate Halloween."

"Oh," she said, her eyes bright with understanding. There was no argument. No mention of candy. She just knew.


Holly said...

See? I told you you'd make a great teacher.


jennifer said...

Holly took the words right off my computer!

Mrs. Family Daze could start today!

Qtpies7 said...

Two great posts in a row! Congrats on your kiddo's baptisms.
I also was waiting and waiting on the mail yesterday, lol.
Halloween is not something we celebrate either.

Qtpies7 said...

LOL, Sam alone has dialed 911 twice. I can't remember who else has done it.
I just can't figure out how Sam could consistantly dial those numbers in that order twice.
We've had more police calls on Sam before his 1st birthday than all the other kids combined.

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

We don't celebrate Halloween either... no one in our church does. We get weird looks, wisecracks, "name calling", etc.

I like your response and how she understood.

jennifer said...

Jackie I have something for you at penofjen.
Thanks for being YOU!

Pam said...

Thanks to Pen of Jen I found your blog. It is a joy. This post in particular pointed out one of the reasons I enjoy my visits here. You get your points and convictions across without being *preachy* and unladylike. Thank you!