Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Vacation Daze

Card games on a lazy vacation afternoon. (Don't let anyone know Kristofer was playing with Princess cards!)

One of the many advantages to having a lot of brothers and sisters -- lots of friends to play cards .
"I'm lonely. No one wants to play with me."

Keri Lynn ushers in spring with shorts! She was complaining to me about how hard it is to have long legs. Oh, the PAIN!

Keva hangs out in the family room. She loves to pull on Kody's tail.

Kody taking a break from Keva.

The aftermath of kids playing outside. Can you see the dirt going from the carpet to the floor of the sink in the bathroom?

Then, of course, after supposedly washing in the bathroom, messy people must also make a snack, and put muddy feet on white cabinets. *Note to self: If ever ordering cabinets again, get the wood color.

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