Monday, April 09, 2007

George of the Jungle

On Friday afternoon, Kristofer was swinging from a vine from a neighbor's tree, like George of the Jungle, and fell on his shoulder and back. It's a unwritten rule that children must hurt themselves before bed, or in the middle of the night, or the weekend, or going into the weekend, or (better yet) going into a holiday weekend in order to avoid regular doctor's office hours. It's just the way of things.

I called Keith and we talked about his symptoms and we both decided that he was okay, that he more than likely did not injure his bones or joint, but rather wrenched some muscles. So Kristofer finagled his own sling and has been hobbling about as The Wounded Soul since.
By Sunday, I was feeling like the worst parent in the world, because he didn't seem to be feeling any better. But then, one of the men at church, who's a coach at a local school, had a look at it and told Kristofer that he thought he was fine, too. That it would just take some time to not feel so sore. That made us ALL feel better. Whether it was psychological or not, by Sunday afternoon he was already starting to feel better and had gained back more mobility.

Meanwhile, Kristofer is still soaking in the joys of being wounded. He got out of weed picking (the dreaded Saturday chore), and he hasn't taken out the trash, nor has he had to help with dishes. Instead he's been reading more of the Redwall series and playing Lego games on the computer.

Keith took me to dinner last night at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I ate well, but still modestly according to my diet plan, BUT I'm afraid it's true . . . .Keith and I are getting older. We simply can't eat Mexican food at dinner any more. Lunch is fine, but dinner is too close to bedtime. We both didn't get to sleep until very late. Keith slept fitfully, and I didn't even try to go to sleep until 2:30 in the morning. Not exactly a great way to start off a new school week.
Nevertheless, four hours later, I was getting Keva ready for school and then making some 100 pancakes for the starving minions. I finished making the pancakes and then fell back into bed for a few more hours of restorative sleep. At noon, I was struggling to get a hold of my day! No more Mexican dinners!

Keith has the week off for vacation. He got the slaves kids to help clean up in the backyard while he moved the lawn. All of the fruit trees that Mom and Rich got us in the fall have leaves, especially the pear blossom one. So do the maples that we planted along the inside of our fence.
Speaking of growing, I had Kristofer and Keri Lynn stand back to back, and Kristofer's head comes halfway up Keri Lynn's head. He's always been at her shoulders for as long as they've been growing. I have a feeling that it won't be long before Keri Lynn and I are both looking up at him. Weird. It's not wonder, though, because he eats like a horse.

Kathleen bemoans the fact that she is STILL not 80 pounds. She eats up a storm and says something about how maybe now she'll be closer to her goal. When she gets to be 80 pounds, then she can sit in the front seats of Daddy's truck and the van! She can't wait for the day! Meanwhile, she's still got about 10 pounds to go. This morning, she went off to go weigh herself at my scale and came back, "Mom, I can't believe it! I LOST one pound! How can that BE?!?"

Life is tough sometimes.

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