Monday, April 30, 2007

The Bosticks

Another Monday. Another start.

Our weekend was a fun one.

Friday night, the Bosticks came by for dinner. Byrne and June were in Georgia for a week for their oldest son's graduation from officer training school in Fort Benning. So the three of them came to visit. We've known the Bosticks for ages. Several pieces of their used furniture have graced our home: dining room table and chairs, couch, and my very favorite -- a piano that we had to leave in California. Their youngest daughter and our oldest daughter have been friends since nursery days. Keri Lynn was sad that Sarah wasn't part of the party.

Their son, Gordon, is outrageously tall. I liked standing next to him! All of the boys of our family were also suitable impressed with his officer status. Congratulations, Gordon!

What a treat to see old friends. In just a few weeks, it will be two years since our move from California, so visits from friends and family get more and more precious. We're expecting my brother, Danny and his wife Jessica, sometime in July. And, if anyone else wants to swing by and say hello, we'd love to see you!

Saturday was a busy day for Keith. He got up early to take Keri Lynn and Kristofer for double-header softball. In between, he took Kade to a fund-raiser car wash at the church. Kade WAS! SO! EXCITED! It was all he could talk about in his usual dramatic exclamations. When he came home, I asked him how he liked it.

He said, "Mom, we washed A LOT of cars!"

Hmmm. Wow.

Kade is also recovering from a face plant he did last week on the playground. He was doing a trick on the swing and somehow managed to do a flip off it and land face down in the wood chips. He came up sputtering and bleeding and crying. So, I rushed him off to the bathroom across the street to clean him up and see if there were any teeth missing or any stitches needed. All was well, except for a ton of scrapes on his forehead, the side of his nose, and along and under his chin.

As I cleaned him up and assured him that he'd be okay, he told me regarding his swing stunts, "I will NEVER do that again!"

Then, he wanted to know if he'd be able to go BACK to the playground. I assured him that he could after he rested a little. Then he started worrying about the upcoming car wash. Was he going to miss that?!? I assured him again, that he'd be fine for that too. (I told you he was excited about it!)

When we made our way back to the playground, three mothers were waiting to find out how he was doing. I assured them that he was fine. Two of the mothers only have daughters and they both looked a little white, but the other mother was sagely nodding along with me about the resilience of boys. It's true. If a girl was STUPID enough to do the swing stunt in the first place, and had done the same face plant, she would undoubtedly never step foot in the playground again. Whereas, Kade, being the boy that he is -- and even being the wimpiest of the Johnson kids -- will probably be doing the exact same swing stunt next week. Mark my word!

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