Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday morning groceries

I don't usually go to the grocery store on Saturday mornings, but I did today and joined the happy throngs of Saturday shoppers.

Today's grocery store comment came from the bagger.

"Wow! I can't believe you fit all of that into ONE cart? You must have experience. Were you ever a bagger?"

It was cloudy most of the day today and then finally around dinner time, it started to drizzle. We even got a bit of a tornado watch -- which for all of you in earthquake country -- means that we then have to keep an eye on the weather reports in case of a tornado warning. Tornado warnings send us down to the basement to be same. Just in case. No tornado warnings this time, though.

This was good, because Keith was off for the evening visiting a friend and Keri Lynn and Kristofer were gone to a church weekend event. So it was just me, five kids and a dog. It was a perfect macaroni and cheese night for the kids and leftover El Charro's for me. Yum!
I watched the last part of Flywheel on DVD after dinner. I'd started that movie two other times this week, but was interrupted. As usual, I was crying through the mushy parts. The kids are used to me sniffling through movies, but when it involves the precious relationship between family and God, it is especially moving.


Oz said...

Hmmm.. I came ready to comment on your latest emails which I assumed would be blog entries.. but here we are a week behind!

Jackie said...

But you left a comment anyway! Way to go!