Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Absolutely Nothing

I am doing a marvelous job today (AGAIN) of doing absolutely nothing. For some reason solitaire on the computer holds great appeal. Sleeping in. Watching the world go by. Reveling in the recent rains. Watching the trees get their leaves. Complete and utter lazy contentment. Gotta love spring break.

After playing several rounds of Speed, War and Go Fish, the kids are playing a card game called Liar. It's hilarious watching them try to bluff their way through the game. Each of them have a strategy. Kade plunks down each card with gusto and tends to get away with the most lies. Konner tries to look smooth, but just can't pull it off. Some are good liars, a little too good for comfort, in my opinion. Some are horrible liars. I guess honing lying skills isn't the best way to wile away an afternoon, but it has been entertaining.

I need to go get groceries. We're down to the last dregs. Kids come into the kitchen looking sunken-cheeked. "There's nothing to eat!" wail the starving minions. My real motivation to go to the grocery store is that I need batteries for my Walkman (to listen to books on tape while I walk) and diapers for Keva. And maybe because I want some feta cheese. I'm on a feta kick right now. Yum.

Last night, we watched A Night with the King on DVD. It's the story of Esther, and it was pretty good. They just got off track a little bit, and it actually could have been even more of a nail biter if they'd stayed more within the biblical story. All in all, though, it was better than most biblical movies. I was engrossed enough in it to realize, as the credits rolled, that I had just missed half of American Idol! I only got to hear Hailey and Sanjaya, before a phone call came in, and those two are not on the top of my list. So I don't have an Idol Recap this week. (I know so many of you are crushed!)

I would like to take this moment to say how disappointed I am in TV these days having been a regular TV-a-holic most of my life. There's just not much out there anymore. I've been convicted about watching House, which used to be my favorite show. It's just gotten too raunchy, like ER. That one episode where the two doctors decide to have c*asual s*ex is just too much. Sigh. So no more House for me. I may get the first few seasons of 24 and Lost to see if those interest me at all. I try to watch, but haven't gotten hooked on either of them yet. Anyone have a favorite?

I tend to read a lot more now, with Keith gone in the evenings and TV being what it is. I just finished Father Melancholy's Daughter, but found it kind of slow and maybe a little too real-life. And then I was disappointed in the main character as she made her life choices. I did just finally get the second book in Francine River's Mark of the Lion series, so now I have all three books in my hot little hands at last. I started the first one just last night. I've heard all kinds of good things about it.

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