Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kathleen's birthday letter

Dear Kathleen,

From the day you were born, I have so enjoyed your big, bright, expressive eyes. Your soul shines through those eyes. And as the years have gone by -- 11 now! Can it be? -- you've developed a quirky sense of humor that makes us all roll our eyes, groan and choke back laughter.

You our the quintessential middle child.

I'll never forget that horrible day that I left you at home. Thank God for our neighbor, Mrs. Collins who took you in. You were in the bathroom. You heard the van drive away. You ran out the front door in a panic, locking the door behind you, and went running after us, only to see the van make the turn two blocks down. Thankfully, Mrs. Collins saw you and took you into her home.

It was a full 40 minutes into our 45 minute drive, that I asked you a question. No answer.

"Okay, Kristofer, see if Kathleen is sleeping in the back!"

No Kathleen. Panic took over. I popped open the cell phone and called home. No answer. We raced home, all of us praying on the way for your safety. I felt like the world's worst mother. I didn't even have Mrs. Collin's number in my cell phone listings. I knew for sure that as I finally turned the corner to our house, that I'd seen the siren lights of police cars swarming the building. That drive was the longest drive I'd ever made.

But there were no police cars in sight. I brought the van screeching to a halt in the driveway and immediately saw Mrs. Collins bringing you out from her home. And all was explained, and exclaimed over and I cried, and hugged you, and made sure from then on that I would ALWAYS do a head count at the beginning of every trip.

I wish that was the only time I've forgotten you somewhere, but it isn't. The other times haven't been nearly as dramatic, but I've always thought, "Well, maybe there is something to the 'Woe is me' second child syndrome."

You've taken it all in stride, though. Perhaps that is why you've always been, by far, the loudest, orneriest, most dramatic child in our family. And I mean that with all my love! For God has given you great gifts, Kathleen. He's given you beauty, humor, grace, musical talent, and DRAMA. He's given you ALL of it. And I wouldn't have you any other way!

I have seen you growing up before my very eyes. It's true you're not a teenager yet. Thank God! However, you're emerging into maturity with great purpose. You've got a list every day of things that you want to accomplish. You have a devotional book, your Bible reading, a prayer list -- for starters. You like to do your hair up in 15,000 different hairstyles. You take the dog out every single morning and make sure he's fed. You like to stay in your big blue terry cloth robe and fuzzy slippers for as long as possible until it's time to get dressed. You like hot raspberry tea in the morning. And you love to read before going to sleep at night.

With all of that drama constantly swarming around inside you and around you, you've also got some fears that sometimes like to take over. Spiders, big and small, are a source of great concern. Any kind of creepy crawly bugs make you scream. You don't like to ride in elevators. You don't like small spaces. You would NEVER think of sleeping with the window open. However, you're dying to get a rat for a pet some day, which I've told you will never happen while you're under MY roof. However, if you want to get a rat when you're grown up in your own place, that's another thing entirely, but don't expect any house calls from your mother!

Your faith is growing, though. And we know that perfect love casts out all fear. You write songs to the Lord straight from your precious heart and I listen and cry. You're used to me crying, though. It's just how it is. In fact, you made me cry again on Sunday, when you were singing in church with your friend and with your sister. You were singing with all your heart. It touched my soul.

May you always know God's perfect love in your life, Kathleen. My prayer for you is that you will always look to the Lord for each and every one of your needs, that you will always call to Him first, for He always answers us. I pray for your future husband, that today he is also seeking the Lord. I pray that God will bless you with children just as He has blessed me with you. I love you, sweet one.


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