Monday, April 02, 2007

Easter Pageant Snaps

Stage Make-up for Keith. As he says, "Is it me, or is it Maybeline!"

The kids gather around "Jesus". Isn't Chris a nice looking Jesus! Ben, hamming it up on the right, is one of the thieves on the cross.

Here's Ben before the make-up. He twisted his ankle badly just days before the pageant. His Mom said that the agony on the cross didn't have to be acted. In real life, as you can tell, he's quite a character. He and Jared are a couple of Keri Lynn's buddies.

Here's Kristofer, center, with his costume and make-up. The lady in charge of costumes came up to tell me that I sure had some great kids, "especially Kristofer!" He's sitting with Annette, Kylie's choir director and choir member, and Becky, a flutist.

Kathleen and Kylie with some of their fellow cast members playing cards to keep busy while they wait for their cue. Shhhhh. Cards at a Southern Baptist church . . .

Kathleen and Kylie . . .

up close!

Here are the make-up tables. The cast had to show up two hours before each performance to get ready.

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