Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pause to thank

There's a lot going on here, hence the sparse posts. I'm trusting in the Lord's provision -- just as He's provided all of my years growing up and then married with children. Whenever I start to get anxious, I have to sit myself down and remember that there is nothing that He can't handle.

I took the much-anticipated GACE pedagogy test on Saturday. Let me tell you that I studied my brains out for that thing . . . for about a day and a half right before the test. Did I get my study cards in the mail finally? The ones that I ordered two weeks ago? Oh, yes I did! They literally came in the mail as I was driving off to take my test. Fortunately, I had bought a study guide book two days before so that I would have at least SOMETHING to study. It helped me a lot with the 120 multiple choice questions but not much with the four essays.

I haven't studied like that in 20 years! I tried vainly to study at home, but that was a lost cause with Kathleen singing her heart our in the bathroom, Keva watching cartoons in the family room, me trying to study in the living room, and various kids coming in and out throughout. So, on Friday, when I got back from work, I put Keri Lynn and Kathleen in charge of dinner and getting Keva ready for bed and ran off to study in blissful silence. I studied for about an hour at the library, then I went to Golden Coral (where I ate and studied for a couple of more hours), then I went to Starbucks (got an herbal tea) and studied for a two more hours. My big mistake was drinking two Cokes and a coffee at Golden Coral, because by the time I got to bed at about 11:00 that night, I was WIRED! So even though I should have gotten enough sleep, I most assuredly did not.

After following my mapquest map to my destination and thinking about how I could write a dozen children's stories on my mapping adventures (Jackie finds Tyrone!), I met with a girlfriend from church who was also taking the test. We saw a few other people from church, too, who were taking one of the tests for the fourth time! Eeek! That did not bode well for us newbies!

I will quote Princess Bride regarding my test:

Miracle Max and his wife are waving at Westley and his friends as they're riding off to kill the Prince and save Buttercup:

"Bye-bye, boys! Have fun storming the castle!"

"Do you think it will work?"

"It would take a miracle!"

Onto other news:

Last Wednesday, Daniel, a boy in Keva's class suffered a perforation in his stomach and died. It was tragically sudden. He was 13, just like Keva, and a sweet boy, but his health was pretty fragile. I remember several times helping him with various sorting and puzzle tasks when I subbed in his room. And he always announced whenever anyone new came into the room. It was always a BIG event. Well, now Daniel in his very own BIG event in the presence of the Lord.

Keith and I discussed who would go to the memorial service and we finally decided that it would be me and Keva. The little Methodist church was packed out with people coming to celebrate Daniel's life. It was a precious time.

Afterward, the family (the mom, dad and twin brother) met with everyone downstairs in the fellowship hall. I just about chickened out, just not feeling up to the emotional drain of greeting the family, but I gave myself a talking-to and headed on down with Keva in tow. I cried and told the mom and dad that I was sorry for their loss and then I had Keva give them each a hug, and then I was glad I had come.

It's times like these that give us all pause to contemplate God's ways. We don't understand them, but we must trust them for what they are. Perfect in every way. It also gives me pause to thank God for the health of our family. We're struggling very much with our finances, but money trouble pales in comparison to the death of a child.

I took yesterday off to spend some time with Keith on his day off. It was really nice, even though we had some errands and business to attend to.

Today, it was back to business. I went to Lee Middle School and worked with obnoxious and not-so-obnoxious seventh graders. I think when I see Kathleen, my own seventh grader, I will give her a big hug and thank her from the bottom of my heart for being such a terrific kid. I am blessed.


June Bostick said...

There is an article in the Reader's Digest by a daughter of Robert f. Kennedy about death. Of course she hadly says anything about the Lord. But what she did say as far as advice was what we know and you demonstrated....

1. Go to the funeral....you can show support and be there for an important event.
2. Send cards and call...I know this is very true.
3. Hug the person.
you can read the article. good but sad as no mention of eternity.

you "done good'

Jackie said...

Thank you, June. : )

Qtpies7 said...

That is just so true. When you think about how hard it is sometimes financially, or even hard times in a marriage, it is hard to see how this will pass. But it all pales to an event that will not pass. You can't get your loved one back on Earth. But one day your finances will turn around. Gas prices will go down. Your anger at your spouse will wane. It isn't nearly as dramatic as it feels.
I hope I am never in the position of burying a child. But I am glad that my children are saved and I will see them again!