Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chicken and rice

Currently, my family thinks I'm the best mom in the whole world.


Because I'm cooking chicken and rice. It's my specialty. I've cooked it so often that I really don't like it myself all that much. So, I'm cooking some chicken wings in barbecue sauce just for me. That way, we're all happy.

I'm in the cooking mood today, or at least in my version of the cooking mood. All that means is that I cook things that take a little more time, or require a little more ingredients or I'm preparing something ahead of time. This morning, I chopped up the last of our potatoes into thin slices (like french fries) cooked them, then I cooked hot sausage, and added it to the potatoes, along with eggs and cheese for a breakfast burrito that is to die for. Oh yes, it is!

Since three kids were sleeping over at people's houses last night, I served up some of the breakfast burritos to remaining family members this morning and then prepared the rest of it for breakfast for tomorrow! Yay for me! It didn't stop the hungry minions from stopping by and asking if they could have one today, but they'll just have to wait. Breakfast burritos are the perfect Sunday morning on-the-fly treat.

This afternoon, I started cooking the chicken and rice. I make that with the big frozen wings chicken bag you get at club stores. I love those chicken wings, because 1) they're yummy and 2) I can make one bag stretch for at least three big family-filing meals. I throw the frozen wings into a big dutch oven, cover it with seasoning salt (the end all to all things related to my recipes), and let the wings cook until they are nearly fall-of-the-bone done. Then, I scoot the chicken over to one side of the pan to add half of the rice. I do not take out any of the oil -- most of it has cooked off already, but the remaining oil adds the best flavor to the rice -- and then I scoot all of the chicken on top of the half of the rice in the pan so that I can add the rest of the rice to the other side of the pan. Then, I scoot the chicken back on top of all the rice, add water and a little more seasoning salt, cover and cook until the rice is done. Fabulous! If I do say so myself.

Keith now has Sunday and Monday off, which is a real bummer on the weekend. I miss him, especially since Sunday is such a run-run-run day. He took Kade to the high school foot ball game last night. Kristofer couldn't care less about football, but Kade is an entirely different beast. He adores sports of all kinds and told me that he's going to be a famous football player and buy me a house. That fits well into our overall plan. We told the kids that one of them has to be rich. That's all. Just one.

What they don't know (or maybe they do know) is that we're already rich because of them. I am so proud of my kids and so thankful for the blessing of each of them in my life.

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